Too busy for (fill in the blank).

How do we find time to focus on what's essential?

#michED Chat 9/16/15, 8 p.m.

Q1: What are your most important resources when you are feeling overwhelmed? #michED (8:05)

Q2: What tricks do you use to reduce grading or other paperwork? #michED (8:15)

Q3: How do you “make time” for feedback during the learning process? What are the most efficient tools/strategies? #michED (8:25)

Q4: How can students become more autonomous? #michED (8:35)

Q5: What is the one thing you do as a teacher that has the greatest impact on student learning that cannot be sacrificed? #michED (8:45)

Q6: Everyone gets too busy. What are the most effective ways to recognize when others are overwhelmed and help support them? #michED (8:55)

Q7: Application/reflection - what takeaway from this discussion could you use tomorrow? #michED (9:00)