All About Lice

Leran how to prevent it

Ways to prevent lice

You can prevent lice by not sharing hats, headbands, combs, and pillows, ect. You can also avoid close contact with anyone that has lice because it spreads quickly and easily.


  • school nurse
  • pediatrician
  • hair dresser
  • lice removal technician
  • and of course, your parents!


To kill live lice, you can find killing treatments over the counter. Use a head lice comb to remove nits and lice from the hair. You can also use your own home remedies to treat lice.
If someone in our house has lice, you will need to treat your living area. You will need to wash all clothing and bed lines that the infested person has touched or slept in. You will also need to soak combs and brushes for one hour in rubbing alcohol. Another thing to do is to vacuum the floor and furniture.
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Head lice can prevent sleep. Head lice is most active in the dark, and itchiness can keep people awake.

5 products to help cure lice!

  • Licefreee Spray
  • lice comb
  • Lice shield (shampoo and conditioner)
  • Nix Creme
  • Clear Lice

Informing Our Comuntiy about Lice

Saturday, Sep. 20th, 7:15pm

9101 N Central Expy

Dallas, TX

Come to the Baylor Pediatric Center to learn about lice and the correct way to treat it. It is a free opportunity for you and your family to be aware on how to spot lice.