Related Services Round Up

Issue #1 December 1, 2015

Welcome to the Round Up!

This newsletter is a collection of information directly related to managing related services in a K12 virtual school setting. Resources, trainings, tips, tricks and much more have been collected from around our schools and included in this document. If would like to contribute something for our next issue please email


~The K12 Related Services Team

Best Practices

Best Practice #1 - Communicate with Teachers

Be sure that you are maintaining open communication with the teachers at your school.

  • Attend weekly special education staff meetings
  • Send general email weekly to teachers to remind them to update student services
  • If a student's services are delayed, be sure to communicate with the assigned teacher so that they are aware of the situation and can communicate to families about the status of the service and efforts to locate therapist.

Best Practice #2 - Communicate with Providers

Communication with your providers will not only ensure they follow up on referrals but also helps maintain a positive relationship.

  • Large providers serving many students - hold a meeting (weekly or every other week) to review any concerns or follow up on referrals
  • Smaller providers - do an individual monthly email check in, ask if there is anything they have concerns about, follow up on any service delivery or billing issues.

Financial Tips

Financial Tip #1 - Cost Projection

Be sure to keep your special education manager 'in the know' on estimated costs for related services. The K12 related service team sends out a monthly financial report for schools actively using the RSM. If you aren't using the RSM and would like to start capturing your projected costs, please contact either Tara Richardson (Southern/Western Region schools) or Jen Jennings (Northern/Central Region Schools).

Financial Tip #2 - 2016-2017 School Year

As things slow down with the holiday season, it's a great time to review your contracts. Do you have any providers with the same service being provided in the same area? Can you leverage the competition to negotiate lower rates for the 16-17 school year? Start making a list so that when the prime contract renewal time hits this spring, you know which providers you need to consider updating.
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Recent Updates

  • Nonbillable Cancellations now an option for uploaded invoices (code = NBC)
  • New Invoice Uploader is now active for all providers.
  • Updated Provider Training - Entering therapy schedules
  • Updated Therapist Training - Entering therapy schedules
  • Active student services report can now be pulled based on service date ranges
  • 504 students are now imported nightly and tagged with the appropriate payment entity upon entry in RSM

RSM Reminders

Be sure to check your home screen daily for 'error' invoice messages. You will find the link to the error invoice under your invoices tab.

Upcoming Due Dates in Related Services

Reminder #1 - Semester End

It's almost the end of first semester. Check to ensure that all your students are receiving their services. Is everyone on track to have all time owed for first semester delivered before second semester starts?

Reminder #2 - Semester Start

Many of you will experience an increase in enrollments as we head into the beginning of second semester. Be sure you keep an eye on the Related Service Metrics report and how many students have the potential to enroll (unapproved special education students). If your school is expecting a large influx of new special education students, be sure to put your providers on alert so that they can be sure to have therapists recruited to fill the therapy needs of your new enrollees.

K12 Related Services Team

Created in 2013 to assist K12 schools in providing timely, effective, compliant and cost efficient therapy services to enrolled students. This team current consists of a group of over 25 contractors and three full time staff.

You can request support from our team by emailing or using one of the links below.

Teacher Requests for Services

If you are not using RSM and would like your teachers to use a standard request form to ask for therapy for their students, please share this link with them. The results will be sent to you each day. Survey link

National Related Service Coordinator Meeting

Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 2pm

This is an online event.

2:00 EST (1 hour)

888.824.5783, 92442875# &

Related Services Rendezvous

Friday, Dec. 4th, 11am

This is an online event.

Meeting for new related service coordinators and those who would like a refresher.

2:00 EST (30 minutes)

888.824.5783, 92442875# &

Professional Development Interest Inventory

Click on the link below to vote for certain training topics, or to suggest some of your own.