Wednesday Minis

December 16, 2015

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VP PR Imani Sanders

Hey everyone!

Thanks to everyone who came to the photoshoot last week! As you can see from the FB album, we are beautiful. I’m going to be sharing the drive on the FB page soon so you can see the rest of the photos - stay tuned.

In other news, RECRUITMENT COVER PHOTOS ARE IN. YES. INDEED. I know we’ve been using some rad cover photos lately (shoutout to JBiebs, Nicki, Bey, and Little Einsteins) but Natalie has been working super hard to design these cover photos and right now it's really important that we are looking cohesive on our FB profiles! So please change your cover photo to one of these awesome designs (shoutout to Kylie for the rad floral background) with our tumblr link and have a good time.

Have a great breaKD and happy holidays!


Hey everyone!

Here is an anonymous survey regarding points for next semester. Please fill it out! I want to know if you would be comfortable having the updated points sent out in the announcements each week. Points Survey

I am excited to announce this semesters Pearl Girls!


Carly Batist

Allie Smith

Betty Cao

Justine Brennan


Corinne Kenwood

Marissa Contento

Sarah Lam

Adriana Fernandez

Allee Vito

Julian Holch


Kayla Stammer

Charlene Luo

Emma Nelson

Michaela Brew

Thank you for your outstanding commitment to Kappa Delta! Expect an email from me soon.

Love you all,


Finance Arielle Anderer

Hello friends!

It’s time to start selling magazines! Each sister is responsible for selling $40 worth of magazines by the end of January. Get your family members subscriptions for the holidays, or get your family members to order magazines for you for the holidays!

Our chapter page is:

To set up your own page:

  1. 1) Go to your the omega chi webpage:

  2. 2) Click “Are you a member of this group? Join the campaign!”

  3. 3) Follow the three simple steps provided on the site to personalize your fundraising page.

  4. 4) Share your personalized fundraising page URL via email, Facebook and Twitter. This URL can be found when you log in to the campaign on the right-hand side above your group goal.

Have a wonderful break friends :)


Arielle Anderer