Juan Elias

By Connor Quinn and Kyle Raimundi

Juan Elias

His father and cousin (Lunche) was killed 2 weeks after his 15th birthday.Juan’s family lived in Aguachica. Lunche was the oldest cousin the moved in. In 1989 Juan’s Aunt moved in with her 4 children. After the murders the family moved into a hiding like state. They used to be a rich family then went into hiding. They moved into a one room apartment then to a farm. Juan’s father was a very good man he did dentistry for people that were poor or had very bad living conditions he was murder by rebel groups because they basically did not like what he was doing for people.

What happened?

The father and cousin (Lunche) were shot and killed at Mr. Elias's office. But Luche was taken to the hospital and they found they couldn´t treat her. The hospital called for a helicopter but it was late, so they had to send her out in a ambulance. When the ambulance was on the outscurts of the town Luche died. Lunche was there to help Mr.E. Lunche wanted to be a doctor like Juan's dad. Before the whole shooting Juan’s mother had a dream, which was about a premonition death of Juan’s dad. The father took it as a joke and thought it was fake so he went on with his day. A few hours later he was dead.


After the shooting.

After the shooting more murders came in the town of Aguachica. The Mother's brother received an anonymous call warning that Juan's mom should be very careful. Later on the mother received a call stating that they were going to kidnap Juan. The mother rushed to get Juan. Later on, Juan saw a man outside of his house. He noticed a shadow of a gun and quickly reacted by thinking that he should kill him for revenge on his father’s death. He remembered that his father wanted him to have peace no harm.


Juan had the chance to represent Aguachica. Juan was a very busy man by attending meetings. Juan spoke about his home, the many shootings, and the threats.


Juan would like all of the fighting and killings to stop. He says the killings are useless. He had a friend that lived down the street from him and he had done nothing wrong. But a rebel group kidnapped a child tortured him and then killed him. He knew that he didn’t do anything but they still still killed him. He thought that if that more people were killed for no reason because his friend was killed him for no reason. So why would only one person be killed for no reason they all are thought by him.
Finca Nuevo Tiempo, Aguachica, Cesar, Colombia