Kohler Cougar News

February 16, 2016

ELA Objectives

We will be starting a new Unit this week which will focus on being able to pull out facts and develop questions from various types of print and digital sources. Our topic will be focused on space and how planets and stars appear to move in our sky. We will also examine how space exploration has impacted our lives. At the end of our unit, we will write an opinion paper about space funding.

Math Objectives

We will be reviewing Topic 9 (Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators) this Wednesday and Thursday in preparation for our test on Friday. Then, we will begin Topic 10, which is adding and subtracting mixed numbers.

*Below is a link to our Math program. Here you and your child can access the text book electronically as well as download practice pages or homework. The students can also play games at a 5th grade level or below to practice basic skills.

Your child's username is their full name followed by the last 3 digits of their lunch number (no spaces) and their password is FHSD followed by their full lunch number (no spaces).

*There are also some links below to help practice both multiplication and division math facts at home.


We will be testing Weeks 22 and 23 over the next couple weeks.

Week 22-Latin Morpheme Review (tract, ject, port)

Week 23-Latin Morpheme -script-

*Below is a link to Spelling City. Here your child can print copies of a list if it happens to get lost and use games and quizzes to practice their words for the week. You can also preview the list for the upcoming week. Spelling City will also say the words as well, if your child needs guidance pronouncing a word.

Reminders and Important Dates

Six Flags Reading Program-If your child has been participating in this reading program to earn a free ticket to Six Flags, these forms are due by February 19th.

Leadership Day-February 19th is our second Leadership Day. Please register online if you would like to attend either a morning or afternoon session to witness the wonderful things our students and staff have been doing to embrace this program and mindset.

Important Dates

February 16-Yearbook 4:15pm

February 19-Leadership Day

February 19-Six Flags Reading Forms Due

February 19-Math Topic 9 Test and Week 22 Spelling Test

February 23-Yearbook 4:15pm

February 24-PTO Papa Johns Pizza Night

February 26-Week 23 Spelling Test

Home Connection

Changing Our Mindset

We have been watching a few short videos through Class Dojo about changing our mindset. We have discussed topics such as how making mistakes is a great thing and helps our brain become "stronger" when we try to figure out or learn from our mistakes and the power of the word "yet". Take some time to review the videos below and have a discussion with your child about how the ideas in the videos relate to their effort in school as well as outside of school. Discuss what types of positive outcomes can happen by simply changing your mindset.