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January review to share the goods on MTSS at BHS

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The MTSS School Store is Open longer!


Mornings 7 - 7:25

Lunches All 3 periods

Ask your students for suggestions for items in the school store so that we can stock it with things they want! Pass suggestions on to the MTSS team.

SWAG Bucks

Since students can use SWAG bucks as currency, remember to hand them out when students exhibit respect, responsibility, readiness, or other positive behaviors. Here are some suggestions for times to hand them out:

All Class

Everyone is in class (no absences or NO tardy students)

All homework is turned in that day.

Everyone does well on an assessment

Everyone works together to solve a problem

Groups are working well together


A student answers a question or shares in the discussion

A student offers to help you or another student

A student goes above and beyond

A student reacts well to a situation

A student performs well on an assessment

PARCC - Motivating kids during block schedule

PARCC will soon be upon us and with that comes block scheduling to accommodate testing. Don't be intimidated by long chunks of time - look at it as an opportunity to shake up your routine and incorporate new strategies! Make sure you chunk out your lessons so that students have plenty of opportunity to leave their seats or mentally change gears. Try games like Kahoot, invite a community member in to speak with your class, try think-pair-share, or white board review races. Think outside the box! If you are looking for ideas on motivating and engaging your students during block schedule, check out the orange button link below. Ideas start on page 12.

TIER 1 Interventions

Remember fellow Raiders, we are Tier 1 for students at this school. Although RTI (response to intervention) can sound like extra chores and duties, most Tier 1 interventions are things you do everyday in your classroom. You assign seating charts, give nonverbal signals, and use proximity control all the time and may have not connected it to Tier 1. Interventions at this level are designed to reach the whole classroom and what you do everyday to be a great teacher at this school counts. Click on the link below to see a list of Tier 1 and 2 interventions that you will be able to check off when turning in office discipline referrals.

If you are still feeling uncertain about RTI and its purpose in this school, click on the orange button below. This will take you to a research-based article on interventions within secondary schools. If you have questions about Tier 1 at BHS please don't hesitate to contact the MTSS team! (see bottom)

RTI and Tier 1 Research

Click here to read an article on RTI in secondary schools.

JOIN OUR TEAM! MTSS is looking for new members!

The MTSS team at BHS is looking for new members. Supporting the students at this school requires teamwork and collaboration from faculty. Here are two new teams that MTSS needs help with:

Problem Solving Team
The problem solving team will deal with students who have two or more triggers in our Early Warning System. This team will action plan and implement interventions or supports for those students.

Truancy Task Force

This team will try to create a systematic way to communicate and provide intervention and support for truants.

Please see the orange button below to contact MTSS members about joining!

MTSS Weebly

Please click on the link above to contact MTSS coaches or for more resources!

Three R's of Raider Pride for MTSS

MTSS is here at our school to help encourage positive behaviors among our students. They may not have been taught what it looks like to be respectful to adults and peers or how important it is to be on time and prepared for our lives. Keep the 3 R's above in mind and model these behaviors for our students and continue to draw attention to students who engage in them with SWAG bucks! Thank you to our staff for your time, effort, and compassion as Raiders here at BHS.