Peak Experience - Reach the Summit!

BY: Sanai Pope and Cassara Frost

Come join us!

Come join our experienced Sherpa's to guide you up the mountain!

Climate on Everest

Mount Everest is located in the troposphere. The air pressure on Everest is 70% lower than it is at sea level. This means that mountain climbers breathe less air on the top of the mountain. They are only inhaling 30% of the oxygen than they would at sea level. In January which is the coldest month, has the temperature of -33*. On the other hand, in July which is the warmest month has the temperature of -2*.

Sometimes there is a period of weak winds and good weather in the beginning of may. May is the best season to climb Everest because in the other seasons there stronger winds, which is more dangerous.

Economic Benefits and Impact on Mount Everest

Mountains that are taller than 21,300 feet are premium property. The base height costs $1,000 and the price increases $500 for every 1,640 feet. This shows that Josh will get a lot more money since Everest is so high, and then the cost will come to a couple thousand dollars for his company. He can use that money to buy new climbing gear for the people that need it when going up the mountain. To climb Mt. Everest you have to pay for a climbing permit. The cost for a standard climb in 2016 ranges from $30,000 to $85,000. A standard climb from Tibet which is the north side costs about $32,000. A standard climb from Nepal which is the south side costs about $42,000.
Also when you get to the Khumbu region on Everest, you'll have to pay other expenses such as lodging, food, and any extra supplies that aren't covered in your expedition fees. There is a lot of tourism on Everest. Mt. Everest is on the Nepal side, it is environmentally degraded because of an increase of tourism on the mountain and the wider region. Tourism on Everest has transformed land and life on the Mt. Everest region. As a result of tourism the standard of living of the population has increased.

Preparation for climbing Everest

These are some essential items that you will need to attempt the mount Everest climb:

Shoes, Crampons, Clothes, Face mask, Harness, Ropes,and an Ice ax. These items will help you climb up the mountain across slopes. You will also need - Tents, and Sleeping bags. These items can be replaced for something else, but these are the key items you will definitely need for this climb.

To mentally and physically prepare for Everest you need to definitely do core and strength conditioning. This will keep you going even when you are physically tired this is what you will need to also get to the summit by using your mental strength. To get mental strength you have to be able to climb the mountian by knowing that you are able to complete the climb to the summit.

A Climbers Report

Hello, I'm Holly Angelo, a climber from Peak Experience. I have a report about their company. Their expedition is great. They have a plan and can get through things even if there is bad weather. They give people a day or 2 to let their bodies adjust to the oxygen level and then keep on moving up and up. If someone is ill they have a doctor to check them and give them antibiotics so they can feel better, but if they are too ill, they don't just let them keep going. They send them home and let them try again next year.
This expedition never moves when the weather is bad, but only when it is good. They have a limit of time for when they need to be at a certain camp when they climb up. Also they keep their people active and make them carry more things so that they'll be even stronger going up the mountain. Peak Experience is also getting a lot of money which helps the company, so they can get more climbing gear and newer technology to communicate better. They also got the youngest free Tibetan to summit Everest. That is a huge success for their company. I would recommend Peak Experience to all the climbers who want to climb Mt. Everest. If you do, your experience is sure to be great!

Biography from some of our climbers

Sun-jo is one of the climbers with the company Peak Experience. Sun-jo is the grand-son of Zopa one of our climbing Sherpa's.He is a free Tibetan, which means that he can't let the Chinese know that he is trying to reach the summit. If they find out that he is on the mountain they would arrest him. This means that he had to hide from the Chinese the way up to the summit. Sun-jo and Peak became friends through the hard times up the mountain. Once the Chinese found out that Sun-jo was on the mountain, he couldn't go back down or they would arrest him. They were only hours away from arresting Sun-jo but, Sun-jo was only hours away from topping the world. He would have to go down the south side of the mountain. Sun-jo made it to the summit of mount Everest having the title known as "A free Tibetan topping the top of the world".

Peak is also one of the climbers with the company Peak Experience. He is the son of Josh, who owns Peak Experience. Back in New York, where he lives he was caught climbing a skyscraper. This led him to court. At the court, the judge said they had to get rid of the talk about his big stunt, so he was going to live with his dad for a while. His dad wanted to get him to the summit of Everest and be the youngest person in the world to climb Mt. Everest. Peak met a Sherpa named Zopa, who helped Peak's dad. Peak also met a free Tibetan named Sun-jo. Sun-jo and Peak climbed the mountain together. They became friends really quick. They were both 10 feet away from the summit, but Peak told Sun-jo that he should finish the climb. If he completes the climb to the summit he will be the youngest free Tibetan to summit Everest. In the end, Sun-jo made it to the summit, and as a result Peak didn't make it to the summit.