Spider Monkeys in the Tundra

By: Indigo Keith

Original Habitat

A spider monkey's original habitat is in the southern tip of Mexico and in Brazil. They commonly live in the rain forest so they will have much room to move around. Spider Monkeys also look for spaces with many trees. Usually look for a wet location if not a rain forest. If they can not find a wet location they will settle for a dry location.
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Why wouldn't a Spider Monkey survive in the Tundra?

A Spider Monkey wouldn't survive in the Tundra because it would be too wet for the monkeys. It would also be way to cold for them. Have you ever been in the area where the spider monkeys' are in the zoo. This might just be me, but it is hot in the area. It is hot because those animals need heat. Also the poor monkeys' would have nothing to eat. Spider Monkeys' eat the fruits and vegetables that grow in the rain forest. So what would they eat. Ice. I have proven my point.

Why a Spider Monkey has a few chances of surviving in the Tundra

A Spider Monkey has a few chances of surviving because everything needs water. In the Tundra there is a lot of water. Though if the water is frozen it will be very hard to drink. They also have a layer of fur that may be able to give the monkeys' some warmth. That is why a Spider Monkey would have very few chances of surviving in the Tundra.