Rockbrook Reminder

Rockbrook's Weekly Updates | 05-01-2020

Happy May Day!

Principal's Welcome

Good Afternoon Rockbrook Families,

We hope this message finds you well and miss seeing you each day at school. Included here is our staff photo, requested by some students. We have about a week and a half remaining and are looking forward to the chance to see many of you in person on May 15th as we prepare to exchange school and personal materials. Please see a brief article below for further details. A full explanation will be sent out next week.

A reminder that our Virtual Book Fair is still running, through May 7th. Stock up for the summer and reward your learner for their hard work.

Finally, please remember that our district continues to provide meals on Mondays for all families who wish to access:

  • Westbrook Elementary at 1312 Robertson Drive 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Prairie Lane Swing School at 3534 South 108th Street 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Westside Middle School at 8601 Arbor Street 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM, 4:00 - 6:00 PM

Please let me know if your family has any other needs for support as we have district resources we would be happy to provide.


Phone: 402.390.6476


Mr. Higginbotham

Bulldog of the Week

Bulldogs of the Week 05-01-2020

May the 4th Be With You!

Monday is May 4th, and has become commonly known as Star Wars Day! We'd love to see your fun Star Wars or Spacey outfits. With parent permission send Mr. Higginbotham a picture of your fun outfit to include in our weekly communications (
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Art and Pizza Night

We hope families were able to enjoy some delicious pizza and a little bit of artistic time on Tuesday. If you yet have pictures of your Art or Pizza, send them our way. We look forward to this annual event returning next year in person.

Student Materials Drop off and Pick Up

You recently received an email from the district indicating that there would an opportunity for families to drop off school materials and pick up personal items on Friday, May 15th. We will be sending out a message with more specific details but wanted to provide a bit more information so families may begin planning.

Materials exchange will occur outside weather permitting at our typical dismissal locations. Staff will have tables set up and student materials will be bagged and labeled. We would ask families to remain in their car and drive through as we do at dismissal. Please also bag and label any items you are returning with your child's name and grade. If you have children in multiple grades you will need to stop at each location for the exchange. If you have medication you are needing to pick up we will have this brought to you at the circle drive after you have exchanged other school items.

To control for traffic We are asking that families abide by an alpha assignment (by last name) for time of arrival on Friday.

9:00am-11:00am --- Last Names: A-H

11:00pm – 1:00pm --- Last Names: I - R

1:00pm – 3:00pm --- Last Names: S - Z

Please know that we miss seeing your children and you very much. For public health safety, staff has been asked to keep all exchanges brief and to refrain from longer conversations.

Kindergarten Parent Materials

If you have or know someone who's child will be attending Kindergarten next year, please feel free to share this included link. Because we cannot meet in person we are distributing Kindergarten materials and presentations electronically. We will then set up a Zoom meeting to allow for questions and answers. Details on the follow up will be sent out at a later time.

Battle of the Books 2020

Congratulations to several Rockbrook teams who did well in the virtual version of Battle of the Books. Again, thank you to all of our teams who, whether they participated in the online competition or not, worked hard to prepare for this fun annual competition.

Rockbrook Disco Dogs

The Golden Girls

The Crazy Reading Tacos

The Spicy Meatballs

Einstein Sisters

I am Book

The Book Machine Featuring 44 Stories

Talkative Tacos

The Book Reading Barkers

Rockbrook Bookdogs

2020-2021 Elementary School Day Start Adjustments

During the March Westside Board of Education meeting an update to our Elementary starting time was approved. For the 2020-2021 school year, arrival will begin at 8:20 with the school day starting at 8:30, 10 minutes earlier than before. This is to provide additional instructional time similar to what our neighboring districts provide. We wanted to let you know this information well in advance to begin considering morning arrival plans.
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Celebrating Our 6th Graders

Celebrating 6th Grade 05 01 2020

Mrs. Davis's Weekly Update

Photography Enrichment Lesson

Ms. Bingham (Seth & Ian's Mom) is a professional photographer and has taught our Photography Enrichment cluster in prior years. She put together a beginning video lesson you can use to enhance your skills using your iPad for photography. Students can submit their pictures on Google Classroom or by emailing them to Mr. Higginbotham (

Remember to follow our technology expectations when doing so and always get permission before taking someone's photo.

Check out a few of the fun photos that have already been sent in!

Photography 101 - Enrichment

Extended Read-A-Thon - Keep Recording Your Minutes

ARTSONIA - Your Child's Custom Art Work Products

Dear Families,

We know that many of you use our Original Works programs for special family gifts, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. Unfortunately, these orders are currently delayed as is our ability to send in any student art for inclusion. While we will continue to work with this company we wanted to make sure and make you aware of similar offerings through ARTSONIA.

To order from Artsonia, please go to and click on "Parents" in the top left corner. You will log in with the account you created when you approved Artsonia for your student. If you do not remember your login details, please email Mrs. Johnson at and she can send you your student's code.

Westside Extended Learning Campus Activities

Note, your child may need to access this site from their iPad and be logged in to their school account.

Rockbrook Elementary Staff Contacts

Garret Higginbotham, Principal

Dustin Carlson, Kindergarten

Ann Miller, Kindergarten

Tammy Lewis, 1st Grade

Amber Whitney, 1st Grade

Jan Kyle, 2nd Grade

Elizabeth Raphael, 2nd Grade

Sarah Davenport, 3rd Grade

Melodie Rice, 3rd Grade

Jill Conyers, 4th Grade

Michele Madson, 4th Grade

Laura Chouinard, 5th Grade

Lisa Smith, 5th Grade

Camille Akers, 6th Grade

Cynthia Warming, 6th Grade

Jennifer Cramer-Brink, Special Education

Rhonda Josten, Special Education

Marcia Manzo, Special Education

Amanda Smith, Special Education

Lisa Davis, School Psychologist

Hallie Sharkey, Speech Language Pathologist

Bryn Johnson, Art

Cathy Montgomery, Library

Barry Glanzer, Physical Education

Nolan Pribnow, Music

Mike Freeman, Band

Viktoria Matheson, Strings

Linda Safranek, Reading Coordinator

Liz Langford, English Language Learners

Jenny Henningsen, Excellence in Youth

Katie Sindt, Excellence in Youth

Angie Calderone, Occupational Therapist

Carolyn Hansen, Physical Therapist

April Anderson, School Social Worker

Need a Charger? Other Materials?

Every effort was made last Thursday to send students home with technology and supplies to support their learning from home. We know that some items may have been forgotten, missed, etc. Please reach out to Mr. Higginbotham ( if you need help in accessing materials, supplies or support for your child’s learning.

Upcoming Events Postponed

Due to our Extended Learning Format, many of our school events have been postponed. Linked is a list we will keep updated both with postponed events and once we know dates, re-scheduled days and times.

Specials Lesson Websites and Locations

Our Elementary Specials and Specialists have designed several ways for students to access content. Below is a summary list of Websites and Locations. Specials teachers have indicated lower participation than our Classroom Teachers, so be sure you are submitting your work for specials as well.

PE - Website

Art - Website

All Art Assignments are turned in via Artsonia. Check the Elementary Art Website for information about how to make sure your child is logged on. Rockbrook's code is: rrpw-pmnr.

Library - Website

Music - Website

Band - Google Classroom

Strings - Google Classroom

EY - Henningsen - Website

EY - Sindt - Website

PE - Website

Art - Website

All Art Assignments are turned in via Artsonia. Check the Elementary Art Website for information about how to make sure your child is logged on. Rockbrook's code is: rrpw-pmnr.

Library - Website

Music - YouTube Videos (Check your teacher's Friday email for your grade level)

Band - Google Classroom

Strings - Google Classroom

EY - Henningsen - Website

EY - Sindt - Website

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Welcome to Rockbrook Elementary - Home of the Bulldogs

Rockbrook Mission:

The mission of Rockbrook Elementary School, a diverse community of learners, is to foster learning by providing a quality educational experience within a secure and challenging environment.

Rockbrook School Design Goal:

At Rockbrook we will increase student engagement and achievement through Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports for social, emotional, behavioral, and academic needs.