Uncontrollable Crying

By Ayreon King


Colic is uncontrollable crying by an otherwise healthy baby. Colicky babies cry for three hours or more and three days or more a week for three or more weeks. They cry at the same time each day. The worst time is six in the evening and midnight. They are very hard to comfort. Around six weeks old is when the baby colic is bad. The colic begins to stop around three months old. Colic may be caused by anxiety or allergies. It also can be caused by gas in the stomach or by sensitivity to certain foods such as milk and wheat. Breast-feeding mothers should avoid strong foods such as cabbage, onions, and spicy foods.


Reflux is a condition in which partially digested food rises in the throat. It can cause forceful vomiting and intense crying. You should take you baby to the pediatrician if you cannot find out why the baby is constantly crying. The doctor can tell you things to do in course of action to help and can prescribe medication if needed