Food for Thought

Volume 27

Testing, 1-2-3; Testing, 1-2-3.

Well, the first day of Spring must be this week because the state tests are blossoming. This week's Food for Thought has video resources and a focus on tapping into the web to enhance student learning. Please enjoy!

Administration: Excerpts (w/links) to Leadership Blogs

School Culture: Tapping the power of the internet to create #stuvoice

School Culture Bonus: Teaching students about Privilege

R/LA: Our students need to be blogging!

Science: Improving our STEM offerings.

Social Studies: "The Fence"

Math: Keepin' it Real!

Music: Matching

Match Games -Middle School Music

Art: Refelective Silhouette

PE: Bullseye

P.E. Games - Bullseye