Egg drop

Will Egg-bert go save or splat?

The making of Egg-Bert

To begin with, I made a "rope out of the three popsicle sticks taped together. I then put two wrappers from the straws together and taped them to the popsicle sticks. Next, I took the straws and inserted one another into each other. Finally, taped the string to the popsicle sticks and the straws.

To make the cradle that the egg is being held in, I took a small, paper Dixie cup and I took two packing peanuts and smashed them until they were in very small pieces. I then put a cotton ball in the bottom, and I then put the egg into the cup. Next, I took two packing peanuts and the two cotton balls and set them into the other Dixie cup. I took the cups and rubber banded them together so the egg is on the inside of the cups. Finally, I taped the straw to the cups with the smashed packing peanuts on the bottom.

To make the parachutes, I took the two pieces of paper, and taped them together with one long side of each piece is taped to each other. Next, I take three 20cm long strips, made from the bag, and taped them to the four corners of the pieces of paper. Then, I taped the pieces of bag to the popsicle sticks. Finally, I took the rest of the bag, cut a small hole in it, separated two straws, and slid the bag to the end of the straws. Now you can build your own Egg-Bert.

Egg-Bert ready for the big launch

Egg-Bert is around 7 1/2 feet long which will get him closer to the ground so he can't reach terminal velocity as easily.

Free Fallin'

Egg-Bert's first and only flight.


Egg-Bert survived the landing.

It was the slowest falling contraption out of the whole class. Egg-Bert had no cracks or breaks so it was a good day for Egg-Bert.