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Week of October 19 - October 23

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At CLP We Are Growing Leaders Every Day In Every Way!

Important Dates

10-19 to 10-23 Early Voting will take place at Cullins
10-19, 10-22, 10-23 First grade CogAt Testing
10-20 Third Grade CogAt Testing
10-20 CIC Meeting
10-21 Fifth Grade CogAt Testing
10-22 Term 1 Report Cards Distributed
10-22 2nd Grade Music Program

Upcoming Dates

10-26 to 10-30 Red Ribbon Week
10-26 Pre-K Field Trip to Pumpkin Patch
10-26 Chick Fil A Night
10-27 Fall Carnival 5:30-7:30 (Early Voting until 7pm
11-1 Daylight Savings Time Ends (Fall Back 1 hour)

Reminders (repeated information is in Italics)

  • Classroom doors MUST remain closed and locked at all times. We have a security audit coming up and they could show up at any time on campus. Having doors propped open and unlocked is a violation of our security procedures. Thanks for your help in keeping kids safe!
  • Title I Student Compacts: All students and parents must sign a School Compact as a requirement of Title I. These should be discussed with parents and signed during parent conferences. Shree will put a copy in your box to sign and return to her. She will make copies for you to have for your conferences.
  • Snacks for tutoring students is only on Thursdays. We will look in to providing snacks for all after Christmas.
  • Math ESTAR/MSTAR Diagnostic Window closes on Friday, 10-23. This is a STATE window and we have no control to open it past this date. All students should be finished with this by Friday.
  • Computer Lab will be closed next week for CogAt. If we are able to finish early Jennifer Givens will let you know that the lab can be open.
  • Fall Carnival is October 27th 5:30-7:30. Please collect candy donations from your students and turn those in to the office. We are sending out a school wide email and a Remind text as well.
  • Jeans Days for October: Mondays you can wear jeans with your RHS Volleyball Pink Out shirt, Wednesdays you can wear jeans for 100% PTA (but not this Wednesday because you will be off campus), Thursdays you can wear jeans with the RHS Stingerettes Pink Out shirt.
  • Early Release: We will follow the same schedule that we used in September for students picking up lunches. Please make sure that a sack lunch count is provided to Dorothy first thing Wednesday morning so they are able to have enough sack lunches ready. You should have all received information of where you are to go on this day. If you have questions about this please direct those questions to me or Laura. This is a professional dress day as you will be off campus.
  • LIM: Remember that we are spending the next 2 weeks modeling greeting our students at the door with eye contact and a handshake. Class Mission Statements are due by November 1st. These should be posted inside the room and outside your door. Also a copy should be in student's leadership notebooks.
  • Box Top Shop: We have already submitted OVER $1000 worth of Box Tops just this school year!!! The Box Top Shop will be open every other Friday beginning next week. It will take place in the hallway down by the library. More information to come. Encourage your students to bring their box tops, and please advertise this in your newsletters.
  • Lunch Counts: In order to help the cafeteria, we are asking that you put a note outside your door for the number of lunches to be bought from your class. All we need is a number bought and someone will come around and pick this up to turn in to the cafeteria.
  • Tutoring Lists: Please make sure that you turn in a list of students and days that you are tutoring to Laura. We need this information for dismissal lists.
  • Parent Conferences: You are welcome to start parent conferences at any time now. All conferences should be completed by November 6th. You should conference with all parents. The grade level should have a minimum of one late night (to end no earlier than 7:00). If you would like for any SpEd teachers or Specialists teachers to attend conferences please let them know. They are happy to sit in!
  • Lesson plans are due in E-Backpack ideally by Friday afternoon, no later than Sunday night or before school Monday morning. Please make sure they are posted!
  • If you are going to be absent you should ALWAYS do two things: 1. Notify me 2. Notify your team. If you have completed a request for discretionary leave form then it is already on my calendar and I am aware. If you have not completed a discretionary leave form then I am not aware of your absence.
  • We want to update our Staff "Sharpen the Saw Bulletin Board". Please send pictures to Laura Mejia to update this. If you are a new employee we need one. If your picture is already up, only send a new picture if you want it updated. We will also be working on a student bulletin board display for this as well.
  • Fall Carnival: Get your games ready!!! Our Fall Carnival will be on Tuesday, October 27th. This is also a late early voting night for November elections (Bond). We are hoping having the school open for an event will encourage more to come out and vote! Good news!!!! Dawn Bishop is going to be doing a PBL with 3rd graders in which they will design and plan the whole carnival!!! So exciting for them!!!! We will begin working with the high schools to get some student volunteers to help out. I'm sure Dawn will have more information in the coming days!

Cullins Staff Members Being AWESOME!!

  • JoAnna Alvarez: Thank you for greeting your kids with a hello and handshake at the door. From: Jen Penton
  • Patrick McClendon: Thank you for helping me twice with a student this week. From: Michelle Thompson
  • Thanks to Pam Hampton who has stepped up & will be working with all the 6th graders on their Leadership binders to make sure they are in order & we are off to a great start! From: Joann Dickerson

  • Thanks to Traci Songer, Jennifer Givens, Joann Dickerson & Laura Mejia for meeting a parent at 6pm since that was the only time the parent could come in!

  • Thanks to Becky and Christina for working so hard to put together an amazing camp experience for our 5th Graders! From Gayle Kidd
  • Fifth Grade Teachers: Camp Grady Spruce was a GREAT success!!!!! The students and chaperones had a great time and learned so much!!!!
  • Jennifer Givens for her tireless efforts to get so many kids to camp. Last year we had 24 kids not go and this year only 5 kids didn’t go to camp. That is amazing! From: 5th Grade Team

  • 4th grade team for being so willing to allow our 5th graders who didn’t go to camp to come back into their classrooms for the few days we were there. From: 5th Grade Team

  • Nurse Hali for helping make sure all kids were healthy and taken care of medically at camp. From: 5th Grade Team

  • To my 5th grade teammates for always having a sense of humor in difficult situations and being willing to spend time away from their precious families to go to camp. From: Becki Hensel

  • Traci Songer for coordinating, supervising, and helping decorate Cullins’ parade float Wednesday, as well as walk with Cullins kids at the RHS Homecoming parade on her birthday! From: Pam Hampton

  • Christina Hoover for spending her birthday, not with her family, but with 100 plus kids at 5th grade camp. From: Pam Hampton

  • Patrick McClendon for going the extra mile to find a way to accommodate for a student in 6th grade choir. From: Pam Hampton

  • John Braden for spending his evening facilitating PTA’s Star Gazing event last week. From: Pam Hampton

  • Tammy Kea and Bridgette King did an incredible job organizing intervention and tutoring. It had been a little chaotic at first, but they spent long hours...especially Tammy...making it more effective. It went fabulous today and in tutoring after school as well. Tammy has a real gift for the intervention planning. From: Laurie Luff

  • 5th grade team for another successful year at camp! I can say this because I’ve gone to camp many times (8!), but you cannot imagine the time & effort that goes into planning the trip unless you’ve ever done it yourself. These teachers were away from their families & daily routines to take our students to camp. Thanks for going above & beyond to make sure our students have this unique experience! From: Joann Dickerson
  • Tammy Kea for being so generous and spoiling our 4th grade team with doughnuts and breakfast tacos! From: Kristina Powers

  • Rebecca McDaniel for her dedication to one of my students. She is patient and is building such a special relationship with him! From: Kristina Powers

  • Sherrie Langford, Kimberly McGovern and Michelle Thompson. Thanks for filling in for me last night when I could not be there. I am so lucky to have such awesome co-workers!!! From: Jill Hensley
  • I wanted to bust a shout out to Kam Harrington for going above and far beyond when she plans math for the team. She provides a wealth of activities and researches lessons for us to use to make sure we cover ALL of the math TEKS! From: Michelle Foster

Jill's Corner

Happy Friday Cullins Friends!!!

October....... Oh my my my........ October! The dreaded month in the school year. I KNOW that you are tired my friends!!! I KNOW that you are overwhelmed!!! It is a busy, busy time and I KNOW that you are working so very hard to give your best to your students!!! PLEASE know I feel your pain my friends. We are HERE to SUPPORT you, to ENCOURAGE you, to CHEER YOU ON!!!!!

It's RHS Homecoming tonight. So it's all things homecoming in the Baird home. Game tonight, dance tomorrow night and some auditions in between! The parade Wednesday night was so great and a BIG thanks to Traci Songer for organizing the float and activities. Perot Night was a HUGE success!!! We had 370 people here and it was FABULOUS!!! We are so excited to host another Perot Night in the spring. Thanks to those of you that were able to volunteer a short amount of time for our students!

I hope you all have a restful weekend.

Go out and BE AWESOME!!!

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