Walls of Opportunity Campaign

John Rolfe MS


At JRMS, we believe that all students should strive for greatness. We believe that education plays an instrumental role in creating quality employment opportunities for students in the near future. Present day employers are in need of individuals that can effectively communicate and collaborate, find and evaluate pertinent information, and formulate creative solutions to relevant and complex problems. We also believe the educational environment can play a role in sending messages as it relates to goal setting for the future.
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We need help!!!

We need help in creating the physical environment described above to send purposeful messages about the future endeavors of our students. Our vision is to line the cafeteria walls with 3' X 5' "House Flags" that represent colleges and universities all across the state of Virginia, and beyond. We would also like flags that represent various career paths including the armed forces and various technical institutions.
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Donations- Option 1

If you would like to contribute, JRMS will be accepting donated funds to purchase various flags to display on the walls. The average price to purchase a quality flag is $35.00. Please make checks payable to JRMS. Remember to indicate on the donation form which college, university, or institution you would like the school to purchase on your behalf.

Donations - Option 2

If you would like to contribute, JRMS will also be accepting brand new, 3' x 5' house flags of your choice. Preliminary Caution: Please check the donated flags list below prior to purchasing your own. We do want to avoid the duplication of flags.
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The names of those contributing to the Walls of Opportunity Campaign will be displayed in the cafeteria as well. The names will be associated with the desired institutional affiliation. In addition, we will recognize those contributing in our "Walls of Opportunity" Grand Unveiling Ceremony

"Walls of Opportunity" Grand Unveiling Ceremony

Tuesday, March 31st, 4pm

6901 Messer Rd

Richmond, VA

Please join us for a celebration in the John Rolfe Middle School commons area to recognize those individuals who have graciously contributed to the Walls of Opportunity Campaign! Refreshments will be served!

Flags that have been donated or paid for:

Virginia Commonwealth University

Donated by: Michael A. Jackson, Principal JRMS

Wingate University

Donated by: Michael A. Jackson, Principal JRMS

Virginia State University

Donated by: Troy Holland, Communities in Schools JRMS

University of Richmond

Donated by: Laura Woodle, CAR JRMS, Kate Graham, Teacher JRMS, and Ryan Wenger, Teacher JRMS

North Carolina State University

Donated by: Debra Carter, Teacher JRMS

Liberty University

Donated by: Bruce Kelly, Teacher JRMS

Duke University

Donated by: Bill Garrison

Longwood University

Donated by: Becca Williams, Teacher JRMS in honor of Barbara S. Wales

United States Army

Donated by: Becca Williams, Teacher JRMS in honor of Dennis Michael Wales, Sr.

United States Navy

Donated by: Becca Williams, Teacher JRMS in honor of James Smith Ritchie, III

James Madison University

Donated by: Stacy Tuttle, School Counselor JRMS

Central Michigan University

Donated by: Clifton Murray, Teacher/Administrative Aide JRMS

Old Dominion University

Donated by: Tiffany Freeman, Teacher JRMS

Eastern Illinois University

Donated by: Stacey Ericson, Teacher JRMS

University of Illinois

Donated by: Stacey Ericson, Teacher JRMS

Frostburg State University

Donated by: Philip Markowski, Teacher JRMS

University of Tennessee

Donated by: Bethany Saunders, Teacher JRMS

Virginia Tech

Donated by: Blair Flynn, Teacher JRMS

Radford University

Donated by: Larry and Vera Meier, in honor of Kirsten Meier

University of Virginia

Donated by: Debra Carter, in honor of daughter Jami Orrell

United States Marine Corps

Donated by: Matthew Baessler, Teacher JRMS and Frank Wheeler, Administrator JRMS

United States Coast Guard

Donated by: Sarah Combs, Teacher JRMS

Donation Link

Please visit the provided link to provide a donation.