My Goals

Krishona Foster Beech Springs Intermediate School

My Reading Goals

My Reading goal this year is to get more interested in other genres. By doing that I will read more than History books. The number one genre I want to read is science fiction. I want to read science fiction because everyone recommends it to me.
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My Math Goals

My math goal this year is to improve on my multiples. I will make flash cards and print work sheets. I will also study with my mom.
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My Science Goals

My Science goals this year are to get better at my variables and to get better at qualitative and quantitative observatilons. by doing that i will get on Science websites.

Other Goals:

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Goal #1

One of my goals this year are to not forget my homework assignments and to get all A's on my report card. I will dot hat by paying attention in class and study hard!
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Goal #2

Another one of my goals are to pay attention in class. I will do that by not playing with my pencils and erasers.
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Behavior Goal

My behavior goal this year is to not get into drama and hang with the right friends. I will do that by talking about appropriate things and stay away with the wrong people