Newtons Law's and Examples

Made by: Will Hutchins

1st of Three Newton's Laws: Law of Inertia

The first law states that everything in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon an external or outside force. Meaning that something that is moving will tend to stay moving unless an outside force acts upon it. This can also be taken inverse as something at rest will remain in rest unless some outside force acts upon it. In this example this boulder will stay at rest until it is acted upon, and it will take a lot of force to move it, but it will eventually.

2nd Newton Law: Law of Acceleration

The relation between an objects mass m, it's acceleration a, and the applied force F, is F=ma. This essentially means that the formula F=ma is the relation between force, mass, and acceleration. In this example the dog is exerting a force of 100 N and pulling a mass of 50 kg therefore the dog is moving at an accelerating force of 20 kg/second

3rd Newton Law

This law is the shortest, sweetest, and simplest of all three of Newton's laws. It just says that for every action, say pushing against a book, there will be always a reaction, if the book is light, it will be pushed back. For this example I have a picture of a boat moored, imagine you were exerting force coming off of it, the boat will move back in the water because of the force.