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Where Learning Happens │December 3, 2018

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Where Are We Now? - The Implementation Update

We have over 340 pilot members at some stage of getting started with 20Learn, Powered by Schoology. In the course, there has been over 330 discussion posts, over 280 references clicked, and over 9800 page views. It’s great to see so many people interacting with Schoology!

What you can do:

  • Encourage your team members to join the current Getting Started with 20Learn course so that we can learn together!
  • Share your favorite features and benefits in the Updates feed.
  • Ask questions in the recent updates feed.
  • Connect with other educators

Worth noting:

  • Second semester (S2) / third quarter (Q2) courses will be open by the beginning of next week.
  • Parents will have their own 20Learn accounts beginning January 9, 2019.
  • Grade passback between Schoology and IC will be available beginning January 10, 2019. ALEC grade passback will ned on January 9, 2019.
  • We are working on special roles for Resource teachers and paras. If you need temporary advisor capabilities until the technical process has been vetted, please submit a help ticket to help@asd20.org.

As we make progress with those features we’ll communicate updates.

Keep in mind that we’re at the beginning of a journey. We have a lot of ground to cover and we’re just learning the terrain. Partner with us by participating, asking questions, and providing feedback so that we can continue to grow. That participation is helping us work to meet your needs.

Having Problems? Submit a Help Desk ticket.

Check with your DLC first. If it's something new to them, contact us. We're here to support you!

#12DaysofSchoology - Begins December 3rd

Want to dive in a little deeper to the Schoology PLN? Join us for #12DaysofSchoology on Twitter! Each day Schoology or one of its Ambassadors will post a question for the day. Get to know other Schoology users, expand your PLN and have a little fun!
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Parent Accounts

Parents will be able to login to 20Learn powered by Schoology beginning January 9, 2019. A District 20Alert that day or the day before will inform them of the login process and what to do if they need help. Once parents login, they will have an introductory course waiting for them. This course will walk them through how to use the platform as a parent. As with courses, parents will not need to associate their children with their account; that will be done for them. Parent associations are determined by Infinite Campus records.

Want to know more about the parent view? Check out the attached guide.

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Grade Passback - Moving Assignments from Schoology to Infinite Campus

This is what so many people have been waiting for - grade passback between Schoology and Infinite Campus. January 9, 2019 ends ALEC grade passback and January 10, 2019 begins Schoology grade passback. The tests so far have been very successful!

This is not a totally automatic process. To guide you through the process, we have created a training course in Schoology. That course will become available beginning December 17, 2018.

A couple of important notes:

  • Due to the nature of elementary grades in IC, this feature is only available at the secondary level for now.
  • Just because we have this ability, doesn’t mean you are required to use it.

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Thank you!

Thank you for being part of a successful launch! Here’s what we’ve seen in the last month:

  • Over 325,000 total visits
  • Over 4.6 million page views
  • Over 71,000 files uploaded
  • Over 81,000 submissions
  • Over 13,000 comments posted

Communication is key! When something unusual happens, communicate it to your DLC who will reach out to us if they need additional support. We’re happy to help plus we won’t know what to fix or improve unless we hear from you.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

As with any new adventure, there are questions and concerns. We'd love to hear them! Submit your questions, comments and concerns, and we'll do our best to address them in the following weekly newsletter.

Professional Learning

Learning Services and Digital Integration Services are partnering with Schoology to develop our training program. You will be receiving online and face-to-face learning and support opportunities.

The first Getting Started with 20Learn, powered by Schoology course is closed. Please send me your hours so that I can log them.

For those that actively participated, there will be a next steps course. More information will be available soon. For those of you that lurked, which is perfectly fine, you will be able to register for the session of the Getting Started with 20Learn, powered by Schoology Spring 2019 course. More information on both of these professional learning opportunities will be published soon.

Do you need instant support? Schoology has an extensive resource collection to help, too!

Schoology Pilot Course Log Sheet

Log your time spent learning, preparing, curating and creating.