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A new professional profile is in the making

IE Business School recently celebrated the 3rd edition of the program “Effective Management for Security Professionals”, designed in collaboration with ASIS International, the world’s largest security association. Juan Muñoz CPP, Chairman of ASIS Chapter 143 (Spain) and former IE ExMBA student, was one of the many participants in the latest edition of this program.

What were your impressions of the program?

Extremely positive. Firstly, I would like to highlight my commitment to IE. I completed the ExMBA program in 1996, at a point when I had led 14 years as Manager and Director, the decision was one of the best decisions I had ever made in my 35 years of professional career on Risk Management and Corporate Security. On one hand, it taught me new things; on the other hand, it gave some order to my own knowledge and ideas. Lastly, it was the key to developing a more strategic and business-like vision of a security professional’s role, which has now become very important for organizations.

I never doubted that the Effective Management for Security Professionals program was for me, it was a shame to have to wait until the 3rd edition to participate. My experience couldn’t have been better. It was a very interesting program, with highly qualified professors, and in a very fitting environment.

In 2004 ASIS International designed the profile of Chief Security Officer, which converted itself into standard ANSI/ASIS in 2008. Shortly afterwards, in collaboration with Wharton University, ASIS International created the Program for Security Executives. I’m positive that both decisions are related. Whereas Wharton facilitates the American market with their two-month-long program, IE and ASIS offer a similar yet more compact and intensive course to the EMEA and Asian market.

Do you think that this multidisciplinary and company oriented training is important for Security Professionals?

I don’t just think it’s important, it’s essential. For years now, a new professional profile for the security director has been in the making; distancing itself from the traditional criteria with a very different personal and professional profile. They’re searching for a Security Risk Management professional who is highly focused on business, with multidisciplinary training and versatile functions in: corporate security, business continuity, crisis management, risk management, internal investigation, etc. For years now, this new role is being created and is progressively evolving.

Actually, the ASIS Foundation and the University of Phoenix have recently published a study that defines, among other things, the essential future competencies and skills that security professionals should have. One of the areas of main development is the need to acquire much more solid business knowledge in order to align the goals of security with those of the company. It is precisely in this context that I believe IE/ASIS’ Effective Management for Security Professionals acquires its main added value. I recommend it for all professionals who may wish to progress towards a more effective professional development.


Effective Management for Security Professionals is an International Executive Program specifically designed to assist mid-to-senior security managers in developing their business acumen in order to become more effective managers and leaders within their organization. The program focuses on business fundamentals and helps participants develop a salient voice in business matters.

The program is also created in collaboration with ASIS International, the preeminent security association dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and productivity of security professionals around the world.

Next edition: June 3rd-6th, 2014

Madrid, Spain.

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Program Manager - Karolina Cintron
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Program Coordinator - Jeanette Holyoak
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