Community-Supported Agriculture

Leah Diebolt

What is CSA?

Community-Supported Agriculture is farm based system in which shareholders invest in the food production of these farms. Shareholders pledge a certain amount of money to help the farmers with the process of farming and all the financing it includes. The farmers reward the pledgers the payoff of that harvest. They share a symbiotic relationship. All of the transactions are dealt within the community and the community reaps with the rewards.

History of Community-Supported Agriculture

it was influenced by the European practice of biodynamic agriculture that originated from a social reformer Rudolf Stiener. America has 13,000 CSA farms and that number only seems to increase. With the awareness of the environment throughout the recent years more and more Community Supported morals are shown in farms.
Buy Local - A Look at Community Supported Agriculture

What are the advantages of CSA?

With the use of Community-Supported Agriculture you have the ability to connect with your community and have a good sense of where your produce comes from. It allows farmers to be financially stable and can focus solely on the successful production of their crops, with the help of the community shareholders. Farmers get to build a client base and relationships with the community and grow as a business with Community Supported Agriculture.

How can I get involved in CSA?

visit your local farmers market! ask them about the benefits of community supported agriculture, and if they participate in it. This practice can not only benefit the food you put into your body but you also help farmers make a living. this website can help you can find the closest CSA near you.