News From C-123

Week of October 6-10, 2014


Since the SunnyD Book Spree began in 2009, it has donated over $6 million in books to classrooms across the country. The company is expected to give away even more books to schools and classrooms this year, but I NEED YOUR HELP! I invite you to get involved by collecting eligible SunnyD UPC labels and submitting them to me!

Here's how it works in 4 easy steps:

1) Parents clip and collect eligible SunnyD UPC labels. (For a complete list of eligible products, visit the official SunnyD webpage. The link is listed below.

2) Have your child bring in their collected SunnyD UPC labels to me.

3) I will collect the eligible labels, fill out the entry form, and mail everything in.

4) SunnnyD will review our entry form and send our classroom 20 BOOKS!

It couldn't be more simple than that!

So...start collecting!


On Friday, October 10th, Kona Ice will be returning to Lamar! Kona Ice is a smart snack approved product made with a blend of vitamin C and D. They also offer sugar free, dye free, and gluten free options, if needed for your child.

The icy snack comes in two sizes: Kiddy - $2 and Regular - $3.

So, please send $2 or $3 by Thursday so your child can enjoy a Kona Day on the playground with their friends. (Maybe it won't be rainy and cold this time!)

What a fun and enjoyable way to support your school by participation in this fundraiser!

Let's have a Kona Ice Day!!!


The 5th grade classes will be taking a field trip to the Ladonia area to dig for fossils! The trip has been scheduled for Friday, October 31st! In the past, this has been scheduled on a Saturday. Students participating were required to provide their own transportation via parent vehicle. This year the field trip has been approved for a school day!

Today, your students was given a permission slip form which whill be required in order to be allowed to board a GISD school bus. Please get that form signed and returned as quickly as possible so that we can plan accordingly. Students failing to return the form signed will not be allowed to join us.

I also want to mention that it is imperiative that students have Rock Star behavior each and every day while at school. Their behavior will also be a determining factor as to whether they get to be included on this fun trip!

Because the students will literally be digging, Mr. Tharp has allowed for them to have a FREE dress day! Students need to wear clothing and shoes appropriate for this type of activity.

More details to come!