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May 27th, 2016

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*Fourth Grade Field Days are from 9:30-11:30 on Wednesday. If you would like to volunteer or drop by and enjoy some of the fun with your student please send me an email:)

Paws Pride Lesson-This week the PAWS Pride lesson focused on how to be safe, respectful, and responsible in the community over the summer. Ask your child how they plan on doing this.

*Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Only four more school days left...can you believe it?!?

Important Dates

May 30th- NO SCHOOL Memorial Day

May 30th- All Library books due back to the Conley Library

June 3rd- Fourth Grade Field Day/Last day of school!

Subject Snapshots


Story- Unit 5 Review

Comprehension Skills: Drawing Conclusions, Author's Purpose, Compare and Contrast, Plot, Story Structure

Conventions: Adjectives and Articles, Adverbs, Prepositions

Vocabulary: Homographs, Rekated Words, Synonyms

Writing- Drawing Conclusions writing activity


Unit 9: Reflections and Symmetry

Science: Waves and Energy


This week in Literacy we had a lot of fun because it was a review week! On Monday we talked more about homographs followed by a game with riddles of homographs.We also did a homograph scoot with 24 questions to answer. Our last game was an Author's Purpose memory game. What you had to do is match up the passages with the author's purpose you picked. On Tuesday, we reviewed synonyms with a QR code activity. Another skill reviewed is Drawing Conclusions and we did this mystery called "Who has the Report Card"? What we had to do is walk to each table and read the passages about the different workers and discuss who is would be. On Wednesday we watched the 3 little pigs the true story and the cartoon version. We had to Compare and Contrast those two videos on a website called Venn Diagram. We also reviewed Adverbs with an activity sheet. On Thursday, we reviewed Prepositions with an activity sheet. Finally, Today we did a Zaption on Memorial Day and did our end of the year test with a Kahoot. That is what we did in Literacy this week.

Click here to view our Venn Diagrams of the Three Little Pigs stories.

Mrs. Hassels' Math Class

On Monday we did reflecting images and that was fun. We got to use pattern blocks or centimeter cubes to make our own reflection design. On Tuesday we did some more reflecting with some drawings where we put the lines in the middle. This was called finding the line of symmetry. On Wednesday we worked with Mrs.Price's class for Math and did a lesson in the Envision Math series. This is the math program we will use next year. Thursday we went to an assembly and watched the band Project 2 perform. Friday we learned about frieze patterns which include reflections, rotations and translations. We made our own frieze pattern and picked either a reflection, rotation or slide.

Mrs. Price's Math Class

This week in math we started our new topic about Line Plots and Graphs..On Wednesday Mrs.Hassels' math class came in and we taught them how to use EnVision .On Friday we tried this new thing called Snagit. It is where you can explain how to do something and you can record yourself talking while you are walking through the steps. On Thursday we did not have any math because we saw a concert called Project 2 Music .We might take a test next week or we might do it whole group. That is what we did in math.


This week in writing we did a draw conclusions activity where we had to take the clues on each situation and try to use them to figure out what was happening. We also did a sheet where WE had to write the clues and trade with someone so they could use our clues to try to figure out our situation. Another thing that we did was where we had to write a paragraph (and have a partner proofread it) with clues about an event and trade with someone for them to use the clues in the paragraph to draw some conclusions about the event that we made up.


Today was our last day of Art:( We had to finish up our self portraits. If you were done you got to free draw or clean out your folder. Then many people in the class made thank you cards for Mrs. Ricker and Mrs. Hassels.


On Monday we shared our many colored days music! We used the Chrome Music Lab to complete our song. How this works is, we read the world famous Dr. Seusses book "My Many Colored Days" book. Then we thought about the moods that each colored day described, and then we made the music to the mood/color that we picked! On Tuesday we did not have music. On Wednesday we did our Major and Minor test! Major means happy or pumped up, Minor means sad or kind of a down kind of down and it just sounds a little sad. On Thursday we did something called recorder karate! Recorder karate is something where if your whole group learns a new song on the recorder, you get a belt to put on your recorder, and in the end everyone gets a black belt! On Friday we had Art not Music!


We had SO much fun this week in P.E,and I will tell you all about it! On Monday,Mr. Nordeen set us in to two groups of 13,and we each got a number.When he called our number,there were two people of that number on each team.That is why 4 people at a time were racing around the track on the scooter. If you got too many "injuries on your car"you got a" Wipe out "and would put your car back.On Tuesday in P.E,we played this fun game,and what you had to do is that we were separated into 6 groups and had to find 8 fish of the color that you were assigned! On Thursday,we played a game when we had two different teams,and we had small balls on the sides for each team,and two big balls in the middle.The teams had to throw small balls at the two big balls in the middle to make a big ball cross the team to make the other team score a point!(in this game,you do not want points). On Friday,we played the game called pin knockdown! What you do is you try to knock people's pins down with balls! We had a very fun week this week in P.E!


This week in science we started our science design challenge which is making a solar cooker to melt a marshmallow. Our deigns include 2 mirrors (one big and one small) ,aluminum foil, saran wrap, cardboard, black foam, black paper, tape, sticks, straws, shoe boxes, wax paper, yarn, string, thermometers for the marshmallow, and the most important thing of all the..... MARSHMALLOW. We are working really hard on these solar cookers. There are boxes from everywhere like Nike to Amazon to plain cardboard boxes. We will start testing our boxes next week on Tuesday and the HUGE challenge will start on Wednesday. We will be checking the box constantly throughout the day. Today and Tuesday are the last days of finishing the solar cooker design.