Atlanta Braves Baseball

"I exploit the greed of all hitters"


Gates open 2.5 hours prior to game time.

Ervin Santana records his 1500th strikeout.

Capacity- 50,560

Ticket pricing- $20-$120

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Erica Combs

Good Afternoon, my name is Erica Combs.

I am director of the Atlanta Braves Baseball team, I am here to help coordinate and direct the games that take place here at Turner Field, and to make sure everything runs smoothly. Also I am here to answer any questions you may have.

I was born in Mooresville, Nc. I have always been a braves fan!

You can find my contact information below.



Braves Shuttle- MARTA


Country Inn&Suites

The Westin Peachtree Plaza

Hotel Indigo

Grant Park Hotel

Omni Hotel

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Stadium Policies

  1. Stay Alert: Baseballs hit into the stands can be dangerous. Fans may keep any baseballs hit into the stands.

  2. Fan Interference: Major League Baseball rules require that fans not go onto the field, throw objects onto the field or interfere with balls still in play. Violation may result in ejection from Turner Field and prosecution.

  3. Smoking: There is no smoking in seating areas. There is no smoking in seating areas. There are designated smoking areas through out the ballpark. Please see ballpark personnel for specific locations.

  4. Drinks/Containers: No cans, glass bottles or coolers may be brought into the ballpark. Smaller bags and other articles will be inspected prior to entry. Small bags, backpacks or other articles must fit within a space of 16x16x8 inches. Articles or bags fans intend to bring into Turner Field must fit within a container of these dimensions. Fans will find these containers at each gate at Turner Field.

  5. Fan conduct is important to the comfort of our other guests. Profanity, abusive language, inappropriate dress or conduct deemed disorderly, unruly or disruptive by Turner Field management is grounds for ejection. Solicitation of contributions and distribution of literature on Turner Field property is prohibited.

  6. Banners and signs are permitted and may be displayed in the ballpark on the Lexus and Upper Levels as long as they are baseball related and do not obstruct the view of other guests, obscure advertising or impede, in any way, the operational functions of the ballpark. Banners are not authorized anywhere on the lower levels. Banners must be in good taste and not commercial in nature. Turner Field management reserves the right to remove any sign displayed on the property.

  7. Umbrellas and small brooms are allowed inside the ballpark. If these items interfere with another guest's enjoyment of the game, you will be asked to store them under your seat.

  8. Beach balls and Frisbees and other objects are not to be throw in the ballpark and will be confiscated.

  9. Noise makers, air horns, laser pointers and any other irritating or distracting items are prohibited and will be confiscated.

  10. Electronic equipment: Radios and televisions are allowed in the ballpark as long as they do not interfere with other fans' enjoyment of the game. All hand-held cameras that are no longer than 5" in length are permitted in the ballpark provided they are for personal use only and do not result in obstruction of other fans' view. Tripods and monopods are prohibited. The taping of game footage and the transmission of any description or reproduction of game activity are prohibited.

  11. To assure the safety of all guests and compliance with relevant laws and regulations, all individuals, bags, purses and similar receptacles may be subject to inspection prior to entry into Turner Field. Persons not complying with this request shall be denied entry.


Not only is Atlanta known for there fun atmosphere from the baseball games but there are also other sports related attractions and fun things to keep yourself occupied.



-Cocacola museum



-awesome restaurants(five star)


-Pre payed

-Pay up front(green lots)

-Park where you please and walk

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