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K-5 Field Trip to Roper Mountain

March 11th

All of kindergarten will be embarking on an exciting adventure to Symmes Hall of Science at Roper Mountain Science Center! Each student will demonstrate an understanding of daily and seasonal weather patterns.

They will learn the following: Weather is a combination of sunlight, wind, snow or rain, and temperature in a particular region at a particular time. Scientists measure weather conditions to describe and record the weather and to notice patterns over time. Plants and animals (including humans) respond to different weather conditions in different ways.

Cost of Roper Mountain field trip is $10

Cost includes a bag lunch for each student

Permission slips due March 4th

Make sure you are one time!

We will depart the school at 9am and leave at 1pm.
If you wish to chaperone, please email me at There is a limit on three chaperones, so email me as soon as possible!
To learn more about Roper Mountain Science Center, click the link below:
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