No Co-ed sports


Boys should have their own sport and girls should have theirs because of different gender.

Different gender can be an issue!!!!!!

  • Feelings boys have for girls or girls have for a boy.
  • Usually a boy does'nt want to hit a girl because girls can be more sensitive and don't want to hit a girl for lots more of raesons

Girls have thier own sport

  • They wanted to play baseball so we took are time and effort and created softball
  • Girls wanted to play on boys team because of more competition why don't they just play up.

Girls and boys just do not belong on the same team if there is the same sport.

  • If they want to play a sport like football they have rugby for some girls if they don't want to sorry thats part of being a girl.
  • Boys are'nt aloud to play volleyball and other sports your going to have things your not aloud to do, because of different gender its life.
  • gIrls have an unfair advantage because boys are built stronger and have, more denser bones.
Girls Playing On Boy's Teams