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Equipo Pumas - Highland Park Middle School

In math class this week...

WEEK OF 5/31 - 6/3

This week we continue to work on our last project (summative assessment) of the year! Students are creating an ABC Booklet (criterion C - communicating in mathematics) that includes topics that we have studied throughout the course and add some new ones that they are curious about. At the end they will be reflecting on lessons they have learned that will be useful for next year when they are in 7th grade..time is flying by and before we know it we will be enjoying our well-deserved summer break :)

iPad return date for 6th grade is Thursday June 2nd in Foundations. Students must bring their devices charged, their cable charger and brick. We will go through the process on how to reset the iPads on Foundations that day so it is very important that students bring what they need on that day ;)

Sample Project Rate and Unit Rate

Proyecto tasas y tasas unitarias


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