Lee's Summit Parents as Teachers

November 2019

Great Beginnings Early Education Center

Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood. Fred Rogers

Daylight Savings Time ends on November 3rd

Please be sure to leave your porch light on for your parent educator!
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Fall is here!

Most of us would say that we don't like winter, but I sure do like the crisp air and the change of the season into Fall. The leaves have been turning and look beautiful! But let's pump the brakes on the winter weather for a few more weeks!

Don't let the colder weather keep you inside! There are still lots of things to do outside and getting some fresh air is great for both body and mind. Take advantage of the days ahead to get out to one of the many parks here in Lee's Summit! We are so fortunate to have so many park opportunities in our community!

There is still time to get outside!!!

Did you know that Lee's Summit has 30 parks? Yes! Start exploring and see some of the amazing parks we have right here!

Infant Massage

The babies and their moms really connected during our last infant massage class. Don't miss the next class in December! See the flyer below for information.
It's That Time of the Year

For information about Jackson County's Health Department, click above. They have information on immunizations, birth certificates, and other services they offer.

Surviving the Cold and Flu Season

1. Wash Your Hands

Soap 'em up often and scrub well! You pick up germs on your fingers and can get them in your mouth or eyes. Many viruses spread this way. To teach your toddler how long they need to scrub, sing a song while you wash! You can find great handwashing songs on the internet or make up your own!

2. Get Your Flu Shot

You may think of the flu as only a minor problem, but it can be very serious. The flu can even be dangerous, especially for young children, older adults, and pregnant women. It’s a myth that the flu vaccine can give you the flu.

3. Pay Attention to Symptoms

Cold or flu? There's no surefire way to tell the symptoms apart. Even your doctor may not be sure which one you have without testing. Usually, colds are milder. You might have a runny or stuffy nose. The flu is usually more severe and comes on suddenly. Fever, body aches, and exhaustion are more common with it.

4. Stay Home if You're Sick

Keep your child home if they are sick. Your cold could last longer, and you could also spread germs to other people. Remember, our program follows the school district policy of no fever, vomiting or diarrhea within 24 hours of our home visits! Use this guideline for keeping your sick child home from school or for going on community outings.

See the information below from our nurses office for information on staying home from school and when to return.

Community Resource Expo

  • November 7, 2019

  • 6:00-8:00 pm

  • Lee’s Summit North High School Commons

  • Open house style event

  • Community resources for students with special needs of all ages

  • Transition focused resources for older students

  • A variety of resources - summer camp opportunities, respite care opportunities, library services, post secondary schools, community resources and more

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Game Night

Thursday, Nov. 14th, 6:30-8pm

905 Bluestem

Lee's Summit, MO

Ginormous Gingerbread Party

Friday, Dec. 6th, 5-8pm

1021 Northeast Colbern Road

Lee's Summit, MO

**PLEASE NOTE** This event is open for families CURRENTLY ENROLLED in LSR-7 Parents as Teachers, attending an LSR-7 Great Beginnings Early Education Center, or Head Start.

Infant Massage

Friday, Dec. 13th, 10-11am

905 Bluestem

Lee's Summit, MO

Technology Night

Wednesday, Jan. 29th 2020 at 6-7pm

905 Bluestem

Lee's Summit, MO

More info to come soon!

For Five Minutes Today

Just be with each of your children. Let go of the clutter in your head about what needs to be done. Let go of any preconceived outcomes. When you do this, you will be truly present with your child.

Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline pg. 49

Happy Parenting!

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