Lauren Oliver

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Heather is a high school graduate who is put up to a huge challenge: Beat the top secret game, Panic. This game is secret for a reason; people die almost every year. Each task that it includes is increasingly more dangerous, like walking a tightrope across 2 water towers. Meanwhile, Heather has to deal with her abusive mother and taking care of her little sister. She lives in a run down trailer in the poorest part of town for most of the book. In this story, she takes on responsibility that no one else can handle. In times of rough, Heather pulls through in a whirlwind of confidence. In the small town of Carp, there is more going on than you would think.

My Emotions

Panic was a beautifully written book. There where some parts that were amazing. However, I found myself wondering where the emotion was. I couldn't fond the meaning, and that is what makes a really good book. The emotion that is supposed to be weaved into the writing was missing, and that is a big part. It was good writing, but a little boring. however, In was exciting and that's what kept the pages turning. There where some really good ideas in this book, and a different author could have excelled.


Even if everything is falling apart around you, everything will come together eventually. This is appropriate for the book because Heather's life was so close to being ruined, but then, suddenly, everything resolved itself. Finally, everything i looking up for her and her family.

Who would Want to Read it?

I think that people who like reading dystopian novels should read it, even if it seems like realistic fiction. Also, people who like to take big risks for big rewards in their lives would like this.


"There was always a way up, and out, and no need to be afraid."(pg. 408)

"'What about you? What will you do if you win?' Heather shook her head. She wanted to say:Run until I burst. Build miles and miles between me and Carp. Leave old Heather behind, burn her to dust." (pg. 50)