The Floss Tooth Brush!

America's #1 selling product

What is special about our product?

Our product is special because it is a toothbrush that comes with toothpaste. You can get the toothpaste by pushing the little red button torwards the top of the toothbrush. On the other end of the toothbrush there is floss on the toothbrush. You will never run out of floss becasue when you pull some out of the toothbrush, the piece of floss that you were originally using is now inside of the toothbrush getting clean so you can reuse it.

Our selling points...

Tooth paste is already applied on our toothbrush. On one end there is a tooth brush, and on the other end there is a flosser. The tooth brush includes soft bristels, and the flosser provides different flavors. We are looking for a target of ages 5 and up.

Dr. Bill's recomends The Floss Tooth Brush

" I recommend The Floss Tooth Brush. The Floss Tooth Brush makes gums healthier. Because of the incredibly soft bristels this tooth brush can get in between your teeth better than any other tooth brush can."

The future...

Somethings we can improve is making edible toothpaste so that all ages can use this toothbrush. Also too get kids attention we can make the toothbrush sing. Most of the tings we have are working fine please email us if there are any problems wiuth your toothbrush and we will give you another for free. Email-
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