Pizza Planet

The World of Pizza

The Description

It has one and a half continents with two different countries. The first country is Cheese Pepperoni, and the second is The Republic of Lentera Ilmu.There are 4 seasons in this planet including Sweet, cold, spicy and Salty seasons.

The Democrazy of Cheese Pepperoni

Cheese Pepperoni is a republic country, lead by a president El-Subur with the vice president Don Aladeen. It has 21 millions inhabitants of population. The people's religion is a religion called "colorful". It's national anthem is Party Rock Anthem. The capital city is Tulip. The people look like Alpha Chino, An alien who is handsome and strong.

The Republic of Lentera Ilmu

Lentera Ilmu is Lead by Bopak Castello with the vice president Noordiin M. Top. It has 60 millions people of population. The people's religion are atheism. It's national anthem is Gundul-Gundul Pacul. The Capital city is Ack Wack. The people look like Jedi and Yoda.