Google Shared Folders

For student and teacher use in the classroom

Getting Started

Google Apps are great for collaboration. We will be focusing on using folders within Google Drive to collaborate and communicate with teachers and students.

We will start by making a folder directly from the Google Drive app and demonstrating the ease of sharing.

If you have a tablet or smart phone and don't have the Google Drive app you may want to download it now.

For more technical issues regarding setting up a google account for you and your students and other troubleshooting questions, please reference Google Drive support or read more information about using Google Apps in the classroom.

How We Have Used Google Drive Shared Folders

For Students:

  1. Journals
  2. Warmups
  3. Group Brainstorming
  4. Group Documents
  5. Class Notes

As Teachers:

  1. Sharing Resources
  2. Class Calendar
  3. Formative Assessment
  4. Feedback
  5. Paperless Classroom

Questions? Feel free to contact us.