Principals' Weekly Newsletter

From Rob Lupisella, Jenn Miller, and Ryan Wagner

January 19, 2021

K-12 Information

February 4th Professional Learning: The two-hour delay scheduled for February 4th will move forward as planned. This time is set aside for professional learning for all staff. Details regarding transportation and the schedule will be communicated in next week’s newsletter.

Individual Care Rooms: NYSED has required all schools across NYS to create "Isolation Rooms" or what we refer to as, "Individual Care Rooms" for students who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms while at school. As a result, each building has redesigned four locations and designated them for this purpose. Each Individual Care Room was outfitted with a bed or cot, and in the elementary building a small table was provided which contains an activity/care kit which includes a coloring book and crayons, as well as other items. We want these rooms to be a more comfortable atmosphere for students. Because the rooms are away from the nurse, each time a child is assigned to an Individual Care Room, a staff member is stationed outside the room to serve as an individual attendant to provide assistance to the child or to retrieve the nurse if necessary. Our medical staff is doing their best to maintain these rooms and provide the best care for students assigned to them. Thank you in advance for working with our medical staff to care for your children.

Remote Monitoring of School-Owned Devices: Please be sure to speak with your student about how the ACS Technology Department monitors the use of devices at all times. When utilizing school devices at home, we expect students to be following the school Code of Conduct regarding their interactions with others and the on-line sites they decide to visit. The software the school district uses tracks each and every mouse click, and provides screenshots of a student’s activity. When a student visits an unsavory site, the school district is immediately notified. By sharing this information with you and your student in advance, we are hopeful that it will prevent a Code of Conduct violation from taking place.

COVID-19 Prevention and Management: COVID-19 cases are increasing are increasing in Livingston County. Our safety protocols seem to be helping prevent a spread of the virus. Please take a moment to review the important health and safety protocols with your child/children listed below:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer

  • Stay home when you are sick

  • Avoid close contact with others (stay at least 6 feet away)

  • Wear a mask

  • Cover coughs and sneezes

Also, please keep your child at home if he/she is sick (cough, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, runny nose, stomach ache, sore throat, headache, etc.). If your child comes to school sick and the illness is reported to the health office either by your child or a staff member, your child will be evaluated by the school nurse and will need to be evaluated by their primary care physician as well.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. Please feel free to call or email us:

K-6 Information

Student Donation: Thank you to the Montague brothers, Kolton and Kellan, who recently donated $100 towards the Liz Green Memorial Fund in support of Stone’s Community Resources. Contributions continue to come in from various donors to support the fund’s mission. The two boys have been collecting bottles and cans and then donating each month to various local charities. We appreciate their kindness and for setting a great example of living life, “The Braves Way.”

Grades K-8 Mid-Year i-Ready Diagnostic Testing

Grades K-8 Mid-Year i-Ready Diagnostic Testing: The second administration of the iReady Diagnostic Tests for English Language Arts (Reading) and Mathematics for students in grades 5-8 has begun. The administration dates for the diagnostic tests will vary at each grade level based on whether the students are in person or hybrid learners. Please Note for Grades 5-8: The diagnostic tests will be given in math and ELA/Reading classes with their teachers. This testing should not impact other content area instruction during the school day.

The Grades 5-8 Mid-Year i-Ready English Language Arts (Reading) and Mathematics Diagnostic Administration schedule is as follows:

  • Grades K-4 i-Ready ELA and Math Diagnostic Test: the Week of January 18th
  • Grade 5 i-Ready ELA Diagnostic Test: the Week of January 4th
  • Grade 5 i-Ready Mathematics Diagnostic Test: the Week of January 18th
  • Grade 6 i-Ready Mathematics Diagnostic Test: the Week of January 11th
  • Grade 6 i-Ready ELA Diagnostic Test: the Week of January 18th
  • Grades 7 & 8 i-Ready ELA Diagnostic Test: Students L-Z (Thursday, January 21st and Friday, January 22nd) and Students A-K (Monday, January 25th and Tuesday, January 26th)
  • Grades 7 & 8 i-Ready Math Diagnostic: Students L-Z (Thursday, January 28th and Friday, January 29th) and Students A-K (Monday, February 1st and Tuesday, February 2nd)

7-12 Information

  • 7th-12th Grade Hybrid Learning Survey: Thank you for your participation in the recent survey we sent out. We had 62 responses. There was a clear theme in the survey, which can be summarized as more student-teacher contact time, either through virtual means or through bringing students back in-person full time. Unfortunately, we are still working under the same restrictive guidance from New York State, which makes a full return not yet possible. However, we remain hopeful that this could change in time as the state moves forward with vaccinations, and eventually loosening the strict guidelines. We can, however, explore opportunities that allow for additional student-teacher contact time on student remote days. Some teachers, that have the appropriate technology, have been able to remote students in. Providing students live instruction is something we can continue to work towards. We appreciate and value your feedback and suggestions. Please know that we will discuss themes from the survey results with the staff and leadership team, and look for opportunities to improve instruction.

  • Midterm Week Cancelled (Grades 9-12): Midterm/Regents week that is scheduled during the week of January 25th will be cancelled this year. We will run our regular hybrid schedule that week.

  • Marking Period 2: Marking Period 2 ends on Friday, January 29th. Please review your child's/children's assignments and grades with them using either Google Classroom or the SchoolTool Parent Portal to make sure they are keeping up with their work.

Please Support the Avon Senior Class of 2021 (Information Attached Below)

Mental Health and Wellness

Managing Hybrid Learning: This year has presented a number of different situations to which we are all learning to adapt. This is the first time students and teachers have been asked to "do school" in a hybrid way. If your child is stressed or having some difficulty staying connected on remote days, they are not alone!

Although this article is from before school started, the ideas can be applied all year long. Here are some simple suggestions for how to help your child manage the stress associated with hybrid learning:


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