Writing Workshop: Complex Sentences

An #apushgeek Assignment

What is a Complex Sentence?

A Complex Sentence is NOT:

“See Spot run. Spot runs past Dick. The grass is wet. See Spot run past Jane. Dick has a stick. The sun is shining. Hear Baby cry. Spot runs into the road. Spot gets hit by a car.”

A Complex Sentence IS:

“While running across the yard to avoid being hit by a stick that Dick was swinging, Spot was blinded by the morning sun reflecting off the dewy grass, ran into the road, and was hit by a car.”

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More examples of Complex Sentences in Historical Writing:

The Kansas-Nebraska Act, designed to use popular sovereignty to determine the slavery status of the Kansas and Nebraska Territories, only increased growing tensions over the slavery issue.

The Missouri Compromise made it so that any state below the 36-30 line was allowed to have slaves, while anywhere above that line, except for Missouri, slavery would be prohibited.

The new Fugitive Slave law, which proclaimed that runaways were the be denied a jury trial and could not testify in court, upset the North greatly because they feared it would start a dangerous precedent.

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Your Task:

In your composition notebook, you will write a complex sentence for each of the SFI (specific factual information) listed below.

**TIP- Use aaawwubbis rule above for great sentences!**

Your complex sentences/SFI must be handwritten in blue/black INK and must be in the proper format. See the formatting instructions below. Any assignments not following the proper format will be docked 20 points.

This assignment is due on Friday- August 15. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE to complete this assignment.

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