An unnamed 15-year-old begins keeping a diary. With a sensitive, observant style, she records her thoughts and concerns about issues such as crushes, weight loss, sexuality, social acceptance, and difficulty relating to her parents


There really isn't a climax because this is a diary about this persons life and in life there are many climaxes or not many climaxes but one would be when she was put into the mental hospital

I may use the term diarist or unnamed because in this story the main characters name is not mentioned.

the diarist Was found attacking herself on a babysitting job. She was on an accidental drug use and was sent to a mental hospital right after she was checked out of the regular hospital.


Rising Action

The diarist feels like an outcast at the new school, with no friends. She then meets Beth and they become best friends. When Beth leaves for summer camp the diarist returns to her hometown to stay with her grandparents.


Once you had it there isn't even life without drugs.

importent details

  • Over the following days the diarist continues friendships with the people from the party and willingly uses more drugs. She loses her virginity while on LSD. She becomes worried she may be pregnant, and her grandfather has a small heart attack

  • The diarist meets a hip girl, Chris, while shopping at a boutique. The diarist and Chris become fast friends, using drugs frequently. They date college boys Richie and Ted, who deal drugs. They begin selling drugs for the boyfriends, passing back all the money made. One day they find the boys stoned and having sex. Realizing Richie and Ted were using them to make money, the girls turn them in to the police and flee to San Francisco.

Small details

  • Her dad is a collage professor
  • Her mom is a stay at home mom
  • She has a little brother
  • She has a little sister
  • She is 15
  • It is a internal and external conflict
  • She ran away twice


She didn't use dialogue in her diary. If does it isn't important

to the story it's self.


I suddenly felt strange inside myself. the palms of my hands were sweating. I could feel droplets of moister on my scalp of my head

Figure of speech

My head was spinning like a dradle.

My heart was pounding.

The "start"

She goes to a party when she doesn't really know anyone. They play a small party game and she begins to feel different and then she felt awesome. Later she found out that her drink was laced with the drug LSD. She began wondering what other types of drugs are out there that would make her feel that good.