Ms. Schaum's Class Newsletter

Week of November 16-20, 2015

Nut Free Classroom

We have some learners with severe nut allergies, so our classroom is designated as a nut free zone. Please do not send any food to school that contains nuts. Thank you for helping us keep our classroom safe for all learners!

Curriculum Corner

Reading: We will be learning about the parts of a letter and different types of poems.

Writing: We will be continuing to go through the writing process and write a narrative story - Prewrite, Rough Draft, Revise, Edit, Publish. This week we will write a story about a turkey who escapes becoming Thanksgiving dinner.

Math: We will be learning about personal finance - income, spending, saving, and giving.

Science: We will be introducing the three different forms of matter - solids, liquids, and gases.

Social Studies: We will learn about the first Thanksgiving.

Upcoming Dates

Thursday, November 19 - Thanksgiving Feast Items Due

Friday, November 20 - Thanksgiving Feast

November 23-27 - Thanksgiving Break

Reminders and Announcements

If you pick up your learner out front when school dismisses, your learner must walk all the way to 1A's spot on the concrete before he/she may leave with you. Please do not try to take your learner out of line until we have reached our spot....thank you!

Class Schedule

7:50 Morning Work/Morning Meeting

8:15 Interactive Read Aloud

8:30 Math

9:30 Science/Social Studies

10:30 Recess

11:05 Lunch

11:40 Handwriting

12:00 Word Work

12:30 Reader's Workshop

1:05 Writer's Workshop

2:00 Specials

2:50 Daily Reflections/Pack

3:05 Dismissal

Library Day: Monday 8:30am

Specials Schedule - we are on a five day rotation

Day 1 - PE

Day 2 - Art

Day 3 - PE

Day 4 - Computers

Day 5 - Music