Survey and Results

The following graphs and captions show the results from a recent survey taken about shopping locally.

When You Buy Strawberries, Which Picture Do They Most Resemble?

The results to these questions were a fifty-fifty result.

The first picture was of organic strawberries and the second

was of a GMO strawberries. I was very surprised by these results.

I expected more people to choose the second picture than the first.

I have a prediction that either people were being dishonest

or that the pictures were unclear. I came to this conclusion

because more than 60% of the people taking our survey

did not know what GMOs are and even less were aware

of the effects. This tells us the we need to educate people

on the differences between GMO foods and non-GMO foods.

Are You More Likely to Go to a Farmer's Market or a Super Market?

Based on our survey results, 43% of people shop at supermarkets. Only 14% are more likely to go to a farmer’s market, and 43% shop at both. This surprised me because I thought that a larger majority would shop at booth farmer’s markets and supermarkets. I thought this because it is very difficult to find fresh produce in the colder seasons like winter in Wisconsin, but it is also very convenient in seasons like summer. Farmer’s markets also offer inexpensive prices. In the future, we should advertise and create more opportunities to shop at a farmer’s market.

What Do You Think Is the Percentage of Products Shipped From Boats?

Based on our survey results, 0% of the people knew the percentage of products shipped by boats. We should inform more students and their families about how the products they purchase are transported. This was a difficult question, and it didn't surprise me that no one knew the correct answer. The largest percentage, 25%, believed that 60-70% of products shipped came in from boats.