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2016 Quarter 1

Its a 54 Year Old Nazi!

Years after one of the biggest goose chases in history, members of the search party that focused on the capture of commanding Nazi, Adolf Eichmann, remember the events that occurred. Read the full story on page 4.

A New Page In History

Many have read the famous piece of literature by a young Jewish girl who lives in the attic of her father's workshop for over a year while the constant threat of death hangs in the air. This story is a classic piece of literature that allows the reader to tap into the mind of a Jewish girl trying to survive an oppressive government.

Recently, a man was making his way through a tour of the historical factory, he noticed an old piece of paper barely sticking out from under the cabinets that would block the door to the attic. After further investigation of the paper, it was found to be a missing page of the world famous novel, the Diary of Anne Frank.

“I can’t believe such an important piece of the world’s history had been missing. It’s truly amazing how I found it after the many years it had been hidden from the world.” said Rich Bernstein, the man who found the missing page.

The page is filled with an exciting story about the day she left the attic to play in the snow with a German girl named Gretel. The pair of girls go running through the streets and interacting with the same people that wanted her family dead.

Inglorious Basterds

I recently watched the film, Inglorious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino. The film depicted a group of American Nazi Hunters in World War II with a plot to kill Adolf Hitler. The three main hunters are Hugo Stiglitz, Donnie Donowitz, and Lt. Aldo Raine. Hugo is a former Nazi prisoner who broke out of jail to join the Basterds. Donnie Donowitz is a Jewish, bat wielding veteran, and lives up to his nickname "The Bear Jew" by viciously mauling Nazis to their death. Lt. Aldo Raine is the leader of the mini Militia and has tasked the group with collecting 100 Nazi scalps per person.

This movie is a great film as it provides the viewer with an idea as to how things may be different, had things took a different path in history. Although it is has profane language, and a violent nature, the film is a great representation of the political tumult that took place in Europe throughout the 1940s. I would describe the film only as " a definitely must see movie."

It's a 54 Year Old Nazi!

56 years after Isser Harel captured one of the most notorious Nazis of all time. That Nazi goes by the name of Adolf Eichmann. Adolf Eichmann was a top ranking Nazi, sometimes referred to as Hitlers sidekick. He wasn't always evil with malicious intent. He gained a hatred for Jews through his job. This hatred was shown through inhumane treatment.

As the war was coming to a close, Adolf knew he would be killed so he fled to Argentina under a false name to escape persecution. His son met a girl by the name of Sylvia which put direction in the search for Eichmann. Isser Harel was at the head of the search.

"Although the search went cold, I could have sworn we had him." Said Harrel.

The trail went cold but returned with great strength later. A man by the name of Zvi Aharoni came about to confirm a new lead.

Aharoni stated "The evidence wasn't extremely convincing, but I knew that if I trusted my gut feeling, then we would find him."

The plan was set to capture Eichmann a month later. It consisted of two cars on Garibaldi street with a snatch squad. Eichmann stepped off the bus and walked over to one of the cars and was thrown to the ground. They pulled him into a car and drugged him.

The entire search took a total of 15 years. To read more about the story you can read the book in the link below.

Top 10 Mistakes by Hitler Proving He Was An Idiot — TopTenzNet

That's Out Of This World

Recently in the United States, Edward Snowden released information regarding the N.S.A illegally tapping into foreign countries media. This brought about the release of documents never meant to reach the public's eye. The German government released many Nazi documents this week, including plans that could have lead to a different outcome in World War II.

In a Nazi blueprint, the means for construction of an "alien aircraft" are layed out. The idea of the Third Reich trying to take flight in a vehicle unbeknownst to the world doesn't seem strange, however the fact that it was in the process of being made is. What is even stranger, is according to other German documents, there were several of these inventions created and tested for battle. The reason they were never used is Hitler gave the order to abandon the project, even after the final product was made. If these vehicles were used, imagine how history may have been changed.

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