Warershed & Ocean Ecosystems

By: Jorge Ortiz

Oil Spills

Oil spills are one of the most dangerous events for all ecosystems especially the ocean because it kills a lot of fish.

But we can prevent this by cleaning the oil and sinking artificial reefs to bring fish species back.

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Garbage has been collected for years and has created what we call garbage island, and this is bad because the trash from the island keeps floating in the water.

But organizations are trying to recycle garbage and to vanish garbage island.

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Over fishing

Over fishing has been a problem because fishes might go extinct or leave the area.

People are reducing thins by only fishing during non-matting seasons.

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Chemicals in runoffs

This is a huge problem because it affects the ocean and our water because we will not be able to drink river water.

But the people are putting filters in rivers and ponds to minimize the chemicals that reach our water.

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Air pollution

This affects the water because the air pollution blocks carbon dioxide to enter the water and the organisms cannot produce photosynthesis, and us humans not having the 50% of oxygen the ocean generates for us.

But the EPA are helping to reduce air pollution by cleaning the water and using less factories.

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