Augmented Reality Helmet

What is it?

Skully helmets provide riders with an advanced situational awareness system. The Skully motorcycle helmet combines smartphone-pairing and voice controls with a HUD including turn-by-turn directions and a full 180-degree view of what’s behind the rider. This helmet provides a complete view of the rear, and completely eliminates blind spots.

The Skully Synapse HUD is integrated into the helmet visor and appears to float around 20 feet ahead of the rider’s field of view. The map always remains in view but can show two different angles: one with a simple design incorporated into the rearview display and another for more detailed turn-by-turn navigation. The lithium ion battery is lasts for nine hours !

The company is working to incorporate voice controls, play music, get directions, and connect with both iOS and Android devices. And the company plans to release an SDK for developers later this year.


* You can control your music, send texts, make calls,

and change your destination all hands-free

*180 degree rear view camera

*Syncs with phone

*Weather information

*Will have music capabilities

*20 foot range of vision

*Anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-glare face shield

*Eliminates blind spots

*made in the U.S.A.


*Potentially distracting

*It's not out yet

*Still in development so you can't buy one at this moment

*The company is still testing it out (it isn't perfect yet)

*Currently, it cannot connect to all phones

*Projected to be VERY EXPENSIVE

Educational Purposes

Okay, I admit the educational value of this is a stretch.... but it's just so cool.

Imagine if the same technology COULD BE modified for the classroom. If every student had a "helmet" that could give information on their demand, that would be a great tool!! They could simply state what they desired (information wise) and, much like the weather report with this helmet, it would appear on their screen.