Lupita Manana

By: Eli Werner, Blake Bonifas, and Dylan Anderson


The point of view is 3rd person omniscient. We think it is that because it tells you what every character is thinking and feeling.

Literary Devices

Personification- Pressing herself flat against the rear wall.

Personification- Gave hotel a sweeping glance.

Personification- The front of the hotel was deserted.


These two kids have just lost there dad and have to go to the U.S to help there family. Lupita travels as a boy because it would be a lot safer. They get to Tijuana and tried getting across but got caught. Then they found one of Salvador's buddies and he said he could get them across but they had to give up Salvador's knife and Lupita's cross. They got across by staying in fruit boxes. They got to Colton and started working jobs until the border patrol came to where they worked so they decided it was time to travel to Indio. It took them a long time to get to Indio. When they got there they realized that there Aunt's house was not very big and that she was not rich. The next day they started working in the fields. After a couple weeks Salvador met Lucky and moved in with him and started working as a dishwasher. Lupita has been sending money back to her mother every week and she noticed every week Salvador had been giving less and less. After awhile there was a dance and Salvador and Lupita went to it. Lupita was in the bathroom when someone yelled border patrol. She jumped out the bathroom window and Salvador ended up getting caught by them because he could not speak English. So now Lupita wanted to learn English in case she got caught.
Lupita Manana Book Trailer

We are Buddies!

We liked this book a lot because it had a lot of action. It also showed what people have to go through when they try to cross the border.