1st Semester Exam

By: Lukas Merrill

The Original State of Man; Original Sin and its Consequences

Man was made in the image of God. Man and woman are the high point of visible creation. They are superior to all other earthly creatures. That is why God made them in His image. Each human person has a soul with the powers of intellect and will. The human person through their soul reflects the power of God and"images" Divine Life. God created human beings to share in His love. For them to share in His love He gave them preternatural virtues and His supernatural grace. Before Original Sin Adam and Eve had an awareness of God's presence and enjoyed a loving relationship with Him.They were in perfect happiness in the garden God had created for them and were destined for a perfect life in Heaven. This was until the Original Sin. This was when the serpent tricked Eve into eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This led them to know the difference between good and evil and put a wall between them and God. This made child birth painful for women and allowed sin to enter the world. This also allowed them to die.
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The Word Became Flesh

Original Sin severed ties of humanity with God. This led to them needing a savior. This savior would be known as Jesus. Jesus was born to Mary, Mary was chosen by God at the beginning of time to be the woman that would give birth to His son. Although Mary did give birth to Jesus she was a virgin. This is because God used His divine spirit in order to make Mary pregnant. This was so Mary would stay pure and without sin. Jesus is the Word of God. He was present at creation and is still present today. Now, though, He is divine but He was human. He became human so that God could become a part of humans and they would see Him as equal. This was also so people would be able to choose to love Him and choose to believe in Him and not have Himself just show everyone that He is real so they can choose to love Him. There are four main reasons that Jesus became man. This first is to reconcile man with God and restore human nature lost by Original sin. The next was to manifest the infinite depth of God's love. Meaning to show how much God loves us. The next is to offer a model of holiness. The final was to allow people to share in His divine life.

The Paschal Mystery

The Paschal Mystery was Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. This was when Jesus became flesh to fix what was destroyed by Original sin. The only way to do this was through sacrifice so Jesus had to die on the cross in order to renew the bond we lost.

Theological Virtues

There are three theological virtues. They are Faith, Hope, and Charity. Faith is the total belife in God even when you can't see Him. Hope gives the ability to trust and know everything will be okay. Charity gives the ability to love one another.


Prayer is how we communicate with God. It is how we thank Him, praise Him, ask for help, and ask for forgiveness.There are three different types of prayer. They are vocal prayer, meditative prayer, and contemplative prayer. Vocal prayer is when you speak prayer this is what we do in mass. Meditative prayer is when you ponder God's revelations and respond to what the Lord asks. Contemplative prayer is when the mind and heart are focused on prayer. This is what we do in mass without talking.

The Four marks of the Church

There are four marks of the Church. They are One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.

One- This means that the church is in union. It means we are in union together and with God.

Holy- This means that the church and its followers are considered Holy which means they are in union with the Holy Spirit.

Catholic- This means that the church is universal. That no matter where in the world you are there will be the catholic faith.

Apostolic- This means we were chosen by Christ to preach His word. It also means the church was founded by Christ.

The Last things

There are four last things. They are death, judgment, Heaven and Hell. Death is the release of the soul from the body. Judgment is when you are judged between Heaven and hell. Heaven is the eternal union with God. Hell is the eternal separation from God.


Purgatory is the state between death and Heaven. This is when we are cleansed of our sins before we go to Heaven. If you go to purgatory you are guaranteed to go to Heaven.

The Parousia

The Parousia is the second coming of Christ. It is when He will come again and judge the living and the dead.