WMS Counselors' Corner

1st 9 Weeks

Welcome Back!

Wow! What an unusual start to a school year. We appreciate your efforts this year to help the learning continue in such unprecedented times. Please know we recognize your efforts as well as those of your children. Also, know that teachers and staff are working equally hard. Many teachers work 10-12 hours a day to help your child be successful and go home to help their own children with school work. We are truly all in this together. Please check out the counselor's Schoology page for stress relief options and other parent resources.

While this is a difficult time, we have a wonderful opportunity to instill our students with grit. Grit provides our students with courage, resolve, and strength of character. Grit will teach students they can persevere through arduous periods. For some this comes naturally; others will need a lot of encouragement. Please join us in building grit in our students. This will ensure lifelong success as they encounter tough occasions.

Overall, student grades are lower than usual for the beginning of school. We know everyone is adjusting to this new normal. We believe with some grit the grades will return to what is normal for Whitewater Middle School.

Guidance Lessons

We have started our "What You Do Matters" guidance lessons with our sixth graders. This lesson comes from the Holocaust Museum. It is an initiative to promote positive change in the world. We discuss ways your actions matter at school, home and in your community. The sixth graders had very touching insights into ways their actions matter. Anyone concerned about our future only needs to spend a day with our students to know we are in good hands! We included the above clip to allow you to see the program and discuss it with your students if you wish. We will continue the lessons with our 7th and 8th graders in the coming weeks.

Keys to Remote and In School Learning Success

To ensure continued academic success. Please assist your child with the following:

  • View Schoology daily! Check for assignments and calendar/agenda
  • Turn in assignments on time. Last date for missing/late assignments is Dec. 8th
  • Attend the Zoom lessons! There is a tremendous correlation between attendance in Zooms and grades
  • Create routines - structured days help with productivity
  • Have a schedule - this allows time for school, relaxation, and other desired activities
  • Stay organized - whether written or online have a system to keep up with what is due dates
  • Set goals - set some academic and personal goals
  • Have a study space - a clean, quiet place helps a student focus
  • Minimize distractions - homes may not be ideal for this, but control what you can by turning off phones and TV
  • Build community - work with classmates on things you are having difficulty understanding
  • Have a growth mindset - when things are difficult have grit and do not give up. You don't understand it YET.
  • Be patient - with yourself, with your teachers, with your family. We are all trying our best to make this work.
  • Advocate when you need help. Communicate with your teachers!!

Keep your Mental Health in Mind

  • Talk about it - dealing with a traumatic event can be scary. Talk about your feelings.
  • Use calming techniques -when you feel anxious, it's important to have numerous calming options. We have provided a wide variety of techniques on the counselor's Schoology page.

Upcoming Dates

October 26-30 Red Ribbon Week

Monday: "Team up Against Drugs"

- Wear a jersey or shirt of your favorite team

Tuesday: "Our Squad is Drug Free"

- Get one or more of your friends to dress alike

Wednesday "Hugs not Drugs"

- Bring your favorite stuffed animal to school (Must fit in your bookbag)

Thursday "Be a Hero and stay off drugs"

- Dress up as a hero or your favorite" hero" teacher.

Friday:"Don't get" tyed" up with drugs"

- Wear your favorite tye-dyed clothes.

October 30 Deadline for Toys for Tots application

November - 8th graders will complete career interest and aptitude test online

November - Parents complete Brick & Mortal or Virtual Survey for 2nd Semester

November 25 - 27 Thanksgiving Break

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WMS Counselors

Carrie Meuninck ( A - K )

Natalie Grubbs ( L - Z )

Please look on Schoology under WMS Counseling for helpful resources for students and families.