Week of May 20th...

LA Staff News


To DO:

Need 2-3 teachers willing to be trained on ZSpace.

Take Panorama survey by Thursday.


Referred Students Meeting and tour


Referred Students Meeting and tour

Wednesday: Pancakes

Referred Students Meeting and tour


Referred Students Meeting and tour


Referred Students meeting and tour

Upcoming dates to note:

May 30th: 11:00 MacBook Turn-In

May 31: Last day of school. NO BREAKFAST OR LUNCH.

Grades due at 11 AM. All students must have a grade--No - -.

Printed Gradebooks must be turned in before leaving.

Panorama Survey (yes, again)

It's time to take the Panorama survey again!

We have until May 23rd, but is there any way that there will be a senior cohort on Monday or Tuesday so we can get feedback from this large group??

Here is the info to take the survey. Basically, the key is to ask them to be earnest while taking it. If they are just going to click through without reading, we'd rather not have them take it.

Important LINKS to review as you participate in the Panorama SEL Spring Survey

LPS Panorama School Proctor/Coordinator Survey Link:


LPS Staff Panorama Login Link:


LPS Panorama Student Login Link:


*Note: Student login access code is similar to the winter survey*

The login access code for students is the letters and numbers before the @ symbol in their student email address.

Example: Sample student Jimmy Hope has a district email account. The email is jhop2263@lps53.org. Jimmy's student Panorama access code is jhop2263.