The Lay of the Werewolf

by Marie de France


The Lay of the Werewolf by Marie de France takes place in France. First, the Barron goes missing for 3 days a week. Second, the Barron tells his wife where he keeps going and where he keeps his clothes. Since the wife knew where he kept his clothes, she had the knight take them so he couldn't change back. Third, being a werewolf and a pet pretty much, he sees the knight and his wife together and attacks them both at two different points at the end.


Interview with the Barron

Myself: How'd you feel telling your wife about you being a werewolf?

Him: Scared of what could happen, I didn't know she would do what she did. Nervous because I knew she would leave me because of what i am and she would be scared of me or something.

Myself: How'd you feel seeing your wife with the knight?

Him: Me? I was pretty mad. How could you do that to someone you say you love? Why would you have an affair? I was so mad and confused, I bit him.

Myself: How were you able to bite her, your wife?

Him: I was so angry with her. I felt so betrayed and in denial. I didn't want to believe she was really doing this to me.


The theme of this short story would be trust. I personally don't believe that you should trust everyone you meet until you really get to know them for awhile. You never really know if they'll betray you or go behind your back. In the story the trust issue is the werewolf and telling his wife where he kept his clothes. The woman he had been married to, betrayed him and their marrage by having the knight take his clothes so he can't turn back to himself, The Barron.
The Fray-Trust Me w/ lyrics


The song is by The Fray. I chose this song because when i read the lyrics it talked about staying a friend or staying a foe, and i felt that related to the part right before the Barron attacked his wife or even the knight. Also, it says you can trust me, trust nobody. I feel like the wife would be the one to say the "you can trust me" part, but the barron would think the "trust nobody" part. Why? Because she convinced him to trust her and tell her. In reality, he shouldn't have trusted her because she betrayed him and took his clothes.


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