1J: Flying Through First

Weeks of April 25th-May 9th

Special Note From the Teacher: End of Year Plans

It is with very mixed emotions I announce to your family that after this school year my husband and I will be moving to Maryland. This will be my last year at Elizabeth Haddon. With the new arrival on its way, we will be closer to family and friends that can help us with the new duties of being new parents.

I cannot put into words the gratitude and thankfulness I feel for having the opportunity to have taught in an exceptional school district, such as this one. The students, families, and staff of Haddonfield are true gems. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for everything you have done for our students and school! Your participation in school events, providing materials for school parties, and being highly involved in your child’s school experience, is invaluable and much appreciated.

Please do not be shy about keeping in touch! I would love to share pictures of baby Johnson with your family! My email is d.dasilva919@gmail.com.

Looking forward to our Hopkins Pond field trip, and the exciting activities in our classroom!

A Very Special Thank You to a Very Special Class!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you a million times more! I am still so overwhelmed and amazed by the BEAUTIFUL baby shower all of you planned and gave me today! What a sweet, kind, and memorable experience I will have forever! I am so lucky to be with all of you to celebrate this special occasion! You all are very special to me!

Small Moment Writing

As you know, small moment writing (personal narratives), is a big part of our writing instruction. We regularly practice writing small moments in the classrooms. "Small moments" are events that happen in our lives; for example, playing in a baseball game, going the museum, having a playdate, going out to eat, finding an animal/insect while on a walk, having a BBQ, and much more!

**It would be helpful if you could speak with your child on Sunday nights about their weekend or past week. Discussing some "small moment" ideas with them will help tremendously when it comes time to write during the week. Thanks for your support!

Lunch Accounts

Please ensure that you are regularly checking lunch account balances.

Important Dates

5/13 Interims posted on Genesis – Grs. 1 thru 5, 330PM

5/18 Community Meeting 10AM

5/18 Salad Bar

5/24 Hopkins Pond Field Trip

5/27 Half Day

5/30 No School

Open House

5/19 Open House 630PM-8PM

Join the school in viewing everyone's amazing work in the hallways and in the classrooms! We will have art displayed in our room for you and anyone to see! I will be here for the fun evening!


Author Study

At the end of April, we began our Author Study on Eric Carle. We read his books with main characters that are insects, in order to connect with our insect and bugs science unit. Students identified the characters, repeated lines in the text, time of day in the beginning and end of the story, and other author's craft features in the various books we read. We discussed these elements of Eric Carle's books, recorded them in our packets, and continue to keep these in mind when we start planning our very own Eric Carle inspired book, next week!

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!

In their Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! packet, first graders used iPads and informational books to research, describe, and sketch 3 facts about different insects. This was completed during reading centers.

Being Special

After reading the story, Molly Lou Lemon, we identified what made the main character special. We discussed how others teased her for things she could not control, but how her grandmother made her embrace her differences. After sharing what makes us different and special, we made a special craft to share during Open House! You will have to come and see!


In math we:

- Solved number stories using money.

- Made change with money.

- Identified equal parts (fractions) and labeled each fraction piece.

- Reviewed patterns on a number grid.


We have just wrapped up our opinion review writing!

We worked hard to:

- Start the review writing by getting the reader's attention with a "hook."

- State our opinion, "I think..."

- Provide details.

- Make a comparison to something similar and describe why our choice was better.

- Give a rating of the chosen topic.

Student work will be coming home, and you will be amazed at all the progress over the year!