The Fight for the Third Estate

November 22 , 1793

The Region of Terror needs to END!!!

What you're about to read is a note that was found written by a young women right before her execution.

At this moment I am in small cell filled with many people who are to find their doom as well. I happened to snick a piece of parchment and led in my apron so I could Mark my last words and my last moments here on this world. According to the Committee I have been aiding with the enemies of France. What I don't understand is how they can assume such a thing when I barley even venture out of my home. Being in this nasty place has made me appreciate my life so much more, although our government isn't the best I would just way rather be back home with my husband. The hours I wait the more I wonder how exactly I am going to go, Ive heard stories of decapitation, hanging, drowning, or being shot, I just hope its quick. I wish they would of gave me a fair trial, a fair trial would of shown them I am innocent but apparently us no nothings of third estate mean nothing to the world. Alas I must do it for my fellow people and maybe someone who finds this letter will get it out to everyone what is going on and it will all end.

Alas October 1793

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Looking Back- Tennis Court Oath Established

Today marks a great day in history for the Third Estate. Since we were so rudely locked out of the meeting for the Estates General we decided to make a oath of our own. 576 out of 577 of us sign this oath inside our makeshift conference room at the tennis court but it sufficed for the situation. We promised our oath to each other that we are not to separate, and to reassemble whenever circumstances require, until the constitution of the kingdom is established. The guards out side the chamber door thought they could stop us but they were wrong! We shall not be called the National assembly!

Honore Gabriel Riqueti June 20, 1789

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Looking back - Womens March on Versalies

We want our bread and we shall get it! Raising the price and not having enough to feed the nation is absurd. Don't they know that I have mouthes to feed, four kids and a husband to be exact. Thats why I think this March Is the right thing for us women to do! It will be a way to help contribute to our fellow third estates considering we don't have so many other rights we can contribute with. Yes we march around the Palace of Versailles until we were able to speak to King Louis XVI! As we got our way and it actually ended the independent authority of the king, sounds like killing two birds with one sone if you ask me. We brought people together , who thought the women of the third estate could do such a thing.

October, 5 1789
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