Getting to know Karl Marx

By Mark Gonzalez and Adrian Vasquez

The education of Karl Marx and how he came to be.

Karl Marx is a really prestigious man who's attend three colleges during his life time. He attended University of Jena, Bonn, and the university of Berlin. While Marx attend Bonn he was studying law and his father had convinced him to read romantic literature and Saint -Simonian politics. Marx a year later he transferred to Berlin college where he studied Hegelianism(definition-which means that all reality to a more synthetic unity within the system of absolute idealism). While attending Berlin he was influenced by hegelianism and there prospective of human civilization ,and no matter how much they influenced him he didn't agree with there phipohsy and questioned there judgement. He later on went on to Jena university to get his doctorate in Materialism and atheism of Greek atomists. Marx after college worked for a journalist for the majority of his life thats when he found his calling in political issues of the working class. He later on created a his theory of communism. Then he was getting in trouble for publishing his theories on the newspaper articles. The government later on kicked him out of the country ,but then stopped being big headed and heard out Marx theory and approved of it. Later on Marx wrote an 800 page rule book of his theory of how it worked and the his work was put to use. Also during his life time he has written over 38 books on communism alone.

He's economic expertise.

  1. He wrote capital
-volume 1 was published in 1867 later 2 volumes were published in 1889 and 1894.

Famous for the labor theory of value

-Key components

  • Decreasing rates of profit
  • increasing can contration of wealth
The labor theory of value argues that the economic value of a good or device is determined lay the total amount of socially necessary labor required to produce it.

  1. Value of a product is soley determined by the labor that produces it.
  2. Even though all workers work some are at a higher value for their skils. Unskilled workers may drag down the average skill of labor, therefore increasing the labor time.
  3. Lead to the underpaying workers and overcharging customers
Constant capital formula


C-period of time it took to complete a good

L- Quantity of Labor time

W-Volume of the product.

A little more about Karl Marx

Karl Marx was a German philosopher, economist, sociologist, journalist, and revolutionary socialist.

Born May 5, 1818, Trier, German

Died: March 14, 1883,London, UK

Wife: Jenny von Westphalen (m. 1843–1881)

had no kids