Inherited Traits

by:maddy bair


An inherited trait is a trait passed from parents to offspring. One example of an inherited trait is your eye color. Someone named Gregor Mendel experimented with pea plants on how traits are passed from parents to offspring and used a punnet square to record his results.

domonit trait

A dominate traitis a trait that you see most offten. Like, if your mom and dad have brunett hair it is most likly you will have brunett hair also. Unless you it's an allele trait.

Reccessive Trait

A reccessive trait is a trait you see less likley.If your mom has blonde hair and your dad has blonde hair but your grandma has red hair, it's a fifty- fifty chance you can have red hair too.

inheritive,domonate,and reccessive traits

Everybody has these traits. Wheather your an animal,plnt or human!

THE END!!!!!!