KSJS Production Constitution

Written by Co-founder Kerrick Stoller

Mission Statement

KSJS Production is a small group of close friends that is experimenting in the media arts to express their thoughts, opinions, and emotions. It is our goal as a group to learn and earn ourselves a place among the most well known youtube members. We will do this by making short films, music, and eventually, a full, feature length film.

Our first actual short film, Titled Reflection.



  • The person who is most responsible for the idea or creation of a project is in charge. They become the director of that film and have the most say. Any actors in the film may offer their opinion on the matter, but the final say is with the director.

  • Under the director is the producer, the person who is helping the mastermind of the project create their vision. They figure out where, when, and how they can shoot the film or make the song and everybody else who is involved must comply to their instruction.

  • The camera person is third in control. They are the eyes of the project and make the rules while shooting. They control the position of any external audio if there is any, they set the rules for how much can fit into a scene, and they have the ability to request as many retakes as they wish so that they can film a scene that will please, and fit the image created by the director, and provided by the producer.

  • Actors are on the bottom of the food chain. They can try different forms of acting and suggest ideas but it is not up to them. They should be acting because they enjoy it, not for any other reason. If a person volunteers for a part they must, to the best of their abilities, complete their assigned role.
  • The people in charge of how to manage resources and money of KSJS Prod are Cody Thomas, Joey Sanchez, Michael Davies, and Kerrick Stoller. They are officially known as the original members.


  • Every person involved in KSJS Production has the right to share and express their opinions during the filming of a project.

  • Every person involved has the right to become a director should they have a brain blast of creativity and want to turn their imagination into a reality.

  • Nobody in KSJS Production is allowed to use anybody else's work without giving proper credit. Nobody is allowed to make a film by illegal actions. Nobody has the right director or not to force any behavior that could be illegal or violate the rules of a certain filming location.

  • No one can use the cameras, recording devices, or other equipment owned by members of KSJS without the approval of the owner and instruction on how to safely and properly use it.
  • To become an official member of KSJS Prod you must assist in the making of at least 3 films and must be voted in by at least 3 of the four original members.
  • KSJS Production T-shirts are to be worn by all non actor personal during a filming.
  • KSJS Prod t-shirts are to be made. Often. And they must be colorful. And original.
  • KSJS Prod t-shirts are to be made specially for crew, but a fan t-shirt can be designed.
  • No films may be made involving sexual content unless the release is not made on the public youtube channel, and everyone involved in the production is 18 years of age.
  • Respect will be given to all members of KSJS Production and all of their property.
  • No one shall use or touch a prop unless they have been given permission, it was made for their character, or they made it.
  • This constitution may be changed at any time with a majority vote from the originals.
  • There will be no disrespect of any kind among members. We are all friends here.
  • A member can only be kicked out of KSJS if all other members agree or if the originals deem them a problem for the group.
  • Any member caught not following this constitution (besides in regards of the T-shirts) will lose trust among the group and lose privileges as a result.
  • When filming members are expected to chip in gas money for any traveling and each member should be able to cover their own food expenses.

We are always up for suggestions and advice!

This is our general interweb contact info.