Grade 6 Extended

SJI International Elementary School, Singapore

Christmas Term 2, Week 13 Newsletter

Virtue of the Week

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Feel the Force...

A four day week but the learning was still out of this world! A trip to the Science Center captivated our scientific imagination as we gained new knowledge, skills and a deeper understanding of our Solar System. Our very own Iman Jumabhoy led an inspirational lessons about rocks, which allowed each child to gain valuable new knowledge! Through our writing we enhanced our emotive language techniques and complex sentences to fully develop our ideas. CAT 4 testing started across the Grade and was met with great enthusiasm by all the children. Away from the classroom, some of the Grade 6 Extended children performed at our SJIIES Night of Music! What a week! Read on to find out more!
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IPC - Space Explorers

A trip away from school is always exciting but nothing could have prepared us for the outstanding lecture we witnessed at the Science Centre this week. We were taken on a unique journey as we travelled through the galaxy like never before! We started at the sun, learning all about this stunning star. Each planet we visited filled us with wonder and awe as we gained incredible knowledge about their features, sizes and distances from Earth! Did you know a trip to Mars would take you 18 way! The moon is a far better option for a holiday, it would take you only four days! Mixed in with all this mesmerizing knowledge, our lecturer exploded hydrogen and helium balloons and made bolts of lightening. What an unbelievably stimulating day!

Next week we begin researching, planning and designing moving Mars Rovers!

It's all about the Rocks!

Ever since humans arrived on Earth, we have used rocks, minerals, gems and jewels. We used them to build our houses, to make fires. Cavemen hunted with obsidian arrowheads, without the knowledge that they would sell for millions of dollars- centuries later! We had a brief introduction to gems in our classrooms, learnt some simple crystal formations, and completed some hands-on quizzes!

By Iman Jumabhoy

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Maths - Ratio


The children worked hard on identifying the different types of Ratio problems. The problems are classified into two main groups – Direct Proportion and Changing Ratio.

We were all very confident in ‘Direct Proportion’ questions. With the confidence and expertise that we had in solving these questions, we applied our knowledge to ‘Changing Ratio’ questions. Embedded in ‘Changing Ratio’ questions, there are three sub-categories namely:

- ‘Two sets of Ratio involving three characters with one character as the constant’,

- ‘Before and After concept’ and

- ‘Changing Ratio with the total as the constant’.

As long as the children could identify the type of question, solving the problem would not be as challenging as it seemed.

We used our virtue of unity and purposefulness to solve some problems. Children worked in groups to solve questions together. This helped them to verbalise their thoughts and by doing so, concepts can be retained better.

We will be consolidating our topic on Ratio with a test on Wednesday, 19 November 2015.


How fast is the cheetah? How slow is a snail? How fast can you run? Yes, we are going to embark the journey of Speed very soon!

Language Arts - Balanced Argument

Could your conscience cope with..?

This week we continued to work on our Balanced Arguments. Our key target was to use emotive language and rhetorical questions to have an effect on and enhance our complex sentence work.

We wanted our arguments to have a greater emotional effect on our audience. Through the use of strong emotive language (e.g. Explosion, abandoned) and powerful rhetorical questions, (Could your conscience cope with..?) we made a deeper impact on the people we shared our ideas with.

Our Grade goal is to create and use more complex sentences in our writing. We are looking to further develop our points and we found using complex sentences the perfect strategy to help us achieve our target.

Next week...we write our first complete Balanced Argument using all the skills gathered over the last two weeks.

Dates for your Diary

Writing Workshop Grade 2 to 6 - November 18th (register via the school newsletter)

Whole School Science Day - Tuesday, November 24th

Rocket Testing - Friday, November 27th at 2 pm

UES End of Term Mathematics Exam - Tuesday, December 1st from 8.15 am

End of Term - Friday, 11th December at 12.20 pm

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Home Learning

Home Learning

Monday - Mathematics.

Word and Sentence level work

Tuesday - Writers Notebook (two weeks) - Alien Invasion and Man on the Moon.

Phase One - Brain storm words and ideas about the photo (minimum of 20)

Phase Two - List some of your writing ideas (minimum of 5)

Phase Three - Pick your theme and plan

Phase Four - write

Phase Five - edit and up level your writing

Wednesday - Mathematics

Friday IPC - Solar System Diorama (due in Friday, November 20th at 8 am)

Create a Solar System diorama

Label each planet

Put in the correct order

Create an information booklet or leaflet about each planet in our solar system

Have five facts for each planet

Include information about three of the following:

Sun, stars, meteorites, moon, Milky Way,

Use your Creativity and Excellence

You will be expected to share your project in class with a peer on November 20th.

UES Open Morning Question and Answers

UES Parent Questions

As promised we continue to answer some of the questions we did not have time to address at the meeting. This week, as it is Transition week for our Grade 6 Accelerated children we will look at questions regarding this key phase in our children's journey through UES.

How do you use assessment and test data to help with transition?

On December 2nd all the children in the UES will sit their end of term Mathematics exam. The data we will gather from these tests is crucial as we plan for next two terms in Grade 6 Extended and Grade 5. Through data analysis of each question we gain a picture of grade, individual class and student's strengths and gaps. This information helps staff to identify areas their children need to address early in Term 2.

This is achieved through dedicating up to three 15 minutes targeted Maths lesson openers per week in Term 2. Grade, class and student targets are set from this and teacher assessment data. Booster ECA groups are also identified for Term 2 using this information. In addition, we review this year's scores against previous cohorts results, which is critical to the make up of each Math group; adapting planning and overviews for the remaining units of the year. Grade 5 and 6 Extended staff share their expertise and experiences to build a prescriptive road map for Maths from all this new data collected. This ensures the transition across the Grades is differentiated to the needs of each individual cohort of children. The Grade 6 Accelerated data is shared with our High School Mathematics Department. There is no streaming in Grade 7. This information helps to build a picture of each of our students as Mathematicians during the first few weeks in High School.

How do you help our Grade 5 Accelerated students with transition?

As early as the end of Grade 4 Mr Dalgarno and I begin to look at the children going into Grade 5 who are on the Accelerated route. Mr. Dalgarno shares very detailed background information about each child so we can share this with our Grade 5 staff. During this first term, Grade 5 staff are asked to closely monitor the Accelerated children and feedback on their progress. All this information helps as we plan forward for this group of children.

In Mathematics after Christmas, Team Accelerated will come together and follow a different Math Curriculum to their Extended peers, which will be led by Mrs Chua. During the next two terms they will cover key Grade 5 and 6 Extended objectives. Mrs Chua will stay with the group all the way to High School. An additional support is now offered by High School Maths Department during their Accelerated term.

Placing the Grade 5 Accelerated children into their Grade 6 classes is a very thoughtful process as we know the children need to bond socially with a set of new children over a very short period. The children have their 'buddy pick' which allows each child to identify children they would like to be with. We are conscience of getting a balance of Grade 5 Accelerated children across the three groups. Furthermore, aiming to find the best fit to help them grow as a learner and further develop their social and personal skills.

Finally, we identify the Grade 5 children with the High School so that they are also very aware of who has taken the Extended and Accelerated route to Grade 7.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via my email